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Last Updated: 3/6/15

Searching for People in the Database

There are three ways to find people while you are on the People screen:  

1. Search by Name:

You will see the "Search by" field in the upper right corner of the People screen. Select "Name" (this is the default search method).  As you start typing the last name of the individual, a list of names will appear that matches what you have typed so far.  You can continue typing the full "last name, first name" or select a name from the list by clicking on it with your mouse or using your arrows keys on your keyboard to select the name and pressing Enter.

2. Search by Text:

Elexio Database offers "full text" searching.  You can search for people by simply typing a word like a first name, email address, street name, job title, or company name, etc.

For example, let's say you want to find all the people with the word "golf" in their record.  Just enter the word "golf" and almost immediately Database will find all the people where the word "golf" is mentioned somewhere in their record. It could include people that have a note about golfing on the Personal--Notes section.  Or it could also include people that work for the "Golf Pro Shop Company".  

Note: searching email addresses will only function properly when the entire address is searched, not merely part of it.

3. Search By Selecting a List to View:

You can create lists of people using "Custom Searches."  Then you can view these lists on the People screen so that you can easily work with their records.  There are many lists already created for you like Members, High School Students, Men, Women, etc.  Just select the list you want and all the people on that list will be displayed in a an outline-like view grouped by family.

See Creating and Managing Custom Searches for more information.

TIP:  Use the slider bar to expand or contract the left-hand side panel so that you can adjust the amount of info displayed.

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