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Last Updated: 3/4/15

Duplicate Records

Since people can add themselves to your database from Portal, this raises the potential for duplicate records to be added to the database. You must be diligent about reviewing EVERY new person added via Portal and take action asap to eliminate duplicates.  

Identifying Duplicate Records

Whenever a new person adds themselves through the Portal, they will appear as a New Portal User on the home screen of Elexio Database. To avoid duplicates, we recommend you review this area regularly. For instructions on using this area to change permissions, statuses, and so on, please see the "Portal and Mobile User Activity" heading at the bottom of our article on the Database Home screen.

Whenever an account is created via Text to Give, that account is given the status of Portal/Mobile, but is not given a role. This means they will not have access to the mobile application or portal by default. Because of this, these accounts also will not display in the home screen smart part. That is only for accounts with a Portal/Mobile security role, which cannot be added via Text to Give. To avoid duplicates here, we recommend using reports to identify these new accounts.

The Updated By info for those accounts will indicate "Text to Give", therefore you can run reports to find these accounts:

  • CS0123 can be run adding:
    • Updated By > equals > Text to Give filter (unless updated after text to give donation was made)
  • FCR3301 can also be run using:
    • SMS Donation > Giving Method
    • Status > equals > new Portal/Mobile user and
    • Status as of field

Additionally, we've created several reports you can use to find potential duplicate records. Under the Reports tab, keyword search for the report titled "Duplicate Names - CS0126" or "Duplicate Names with the Same Birthdate - CS0125." 

Merging Duplicate Records

Elexio Database includes a Merge Tool which allows you to combine duplicates into one record. More Information about this tool is available here.

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