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Last Updated: 3/27/15

Q: Someone's information isn't displaying in Portal or Mobile. Why?

A: In order for someone to show up in the online directories in Portal and Mobile, they must meet two criteria:

1. They MUST have a status that is included in the list of Status codes that are authorized to appear in the directories. 

For example, by default the Database allows the status codes of "Members" and "Regular Attenders" to be included. However, your church is free to choose any Status codes you wish to be included. To change the list of statuses: 

  • In the Database go to: Administration > Codes > Status.   Select the status you want to include and make sure it is part of the code group called “Include in Online Directory.” This is a system group the Database and Portal use to control the directories.
  • You may want to go through each Status and check this setting. For example, make sure you aren't including statuses of people who have left the church or died.

2. They must have "Include in public directory set in Portal (This is done by the user through Portal) or it can be changed in the Database (People > General Info > Include this person in the directory)

Keep in mind that someone may appear in the online directory in Portal and Mobile regardless of their privacy setting in number 2 above. You can be granted permission to view people who are not included in the directory IF you have a security role (such as Power User, Standard User, etc.) that includes authorization to “PORTAL & MOBILE - View Private Information.”  

This permission should be granted to pastors and staff who can already see that info in the Database! If you are an admin and want to check this Security setting:

  • In the Database from the Home screen click on Common Tasks > Manage Security Roles. Select a security role to work with, then go to the Portal & Mobile section and check the view for “PORTAL & MOBILE - View private information.”   These setting will apply to the directory in both Portal and Mobile.  

If phone numbers, email addresses or other communications are not appearing in the directory for certain individuals it's because they are marked as private. Each person needs to change their own privacy setting for each phone number, email address, etc.  OR the church staff can change it in the Database. Just click on the pad lock icon next to each communication record.

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