Portal Setup & Rollout

    Giving Setup

    Before you can start accepting online giving, you must sign up for ELEXIO's Financial Processing Services (FPS)

    FPS sign up instructions   FPS Frequently Asked Questions 

    (Note: International organizations that do not use a US based bank will need to sign up for another merchant services provider. See international merchant account options. After sign up, contact Elexio Support to configure your merchant account with Elexio).

    1. Once you've completed FPS sign up, from the ELEXIO Database Home screen, select Options > Online Giving and Payments (below).
    2. Select "Accept online donations and event payments" and check off the giving methods you will accept.

    Managing Funds (designations) available within Portal:

    1. In ELEXIO Database, select the blue Administration tab, select the Codes sub-tab, then select the look up code type "Funds."
    1. Each fund has a Publish Online check box. Check this box for any funds that you want to have available for your online givers to contribute to within Portal. 

      More Details on Funds

    SSL Security:

    With online giving enabled, the Portal must reside on a web-page that protected by SSL encryption (https). (SSL is the same state-of-the-art web security trusted by financial institutions world-wide). If SSL security is not set up and online giving is enabled, the Portal will not load and will display the below warning message:

    Elexio Portal must be hosted on a page that uses SSL security (https) when giving is enabled.

    Enabling SSL Security

    • If you are using the Portal at elexiopulse.com, SSL encryption is already set up/enabled. Proceed to Testing your Online Giving.

    • If you are not using an Elexio website, you will need to contact your website provider for instructions to enable SSL security on a page. If your website provider does not allow for SSL security, you must use the Portal at it's standalone location, elexiopulse.com. 

    • If you use ELEXIO Website, open the Pages area, select the page on which you've placed the Portal, and in the Properties tab towards the bottom, check off the SSL encrypted checkbox (below).

      NOTE: If you do not see the SSL Secured checkbox, please contact Elexio in a Support Request so that we can set up a SSL certificate for you. (One is not set-up by default). This process may take a few days.

    Setup Email Receipts and Notifications

    When donations or other actions are made through the Portal, you can setup and customize email receipts and other automated email communication. To manage which emails you'd like to send, navigate to Home > Options > Portal Options > Communication (below).

    Portal Communications Screen

    1. Select all the emails you'd like to Portal to send.
    2. Make sure to fill out the From field for all selected emails. This area sets the email address the email will appear to be from.
      1. To also receive email notifications of donation failures or other Portal actions, include your email address in the BCC area. Use a comma to add additional email addresses here.
    3. Use the Insert Token button to customize your message body with auto-populated information such as First Name, Last Name, Church Name, etc.
    4. If you'd like to use more than a simple text email, select the Advanced (HTML) Editor tab. Paste HTML from an email you've created here. (Note: Elexio does not provide support or troubleshooting for display issues resulting from HTML you've created).

    Testing Your Online Giving Set-up:

    • After setting up the above options, log in to Portal and select the "Giving" section. Select "New Donation" and work through the process of adding a one-time donation. (Note: this will create an actual donation, so you may not want to use a high dollar amount). 
    • If your donation was successful, you will see it listed in your Portal "Giving History" and you will receive an emailed donation receipt. You can also see a record of the donation in ELEXIO Database under your profile on the Contributions screen. 

    Giving Without Creating an Account

    While church members and regular attenders should use the Portal for online donations, in some circumstances, you may want to allow people to give online without creating an account or only have the option to give to one specific fund. (Ex: mission trips or memorial gifts). The ELEXIO Guest Giving module is separate from the Portal but created for scenarios exactly like these.

    Guest Giving Setup Instructions


    Once you've setup Online Giving and confirmed it's working, you may want to continue on to:

    Last Updated: 5/21/2016