Portal Setup & Rollout

    Portal Login

    Creating a Portal Account and Logging in:

    If you have access to ELEXIO Database, you should be able to login to the Portal with the login credentials you already use. However, most people at your church will need to create their own account before they can login. This can be done by clicking either Sign Up Here or by using their Facebook or Google Plus accounts (right). We've outlined the account set-up process below.


    Important: When an account is created through Portal, it is linked to a profile in your Database based on email address. In other words, if someone creates an account using an email address already in your Database, their account will be linked to that person record. If they create an account with an email address not in your Database, it will create a new profile. If your Database email addresses are not up to date, it's possible new profiles could be a duplicate records.

    In addition, for security reasons, no new Portal Account will have access to the Church Directory. Therefore, it's important to regularly check for new Portal accounts to assign appropriate rights to see the Directory, as well as verify user information to avoid duplicate records. See more on Account Verification.

    Using the Sign Up Here button

    After clicking "Sign Up Here" a site visitor is directed to a page where they input their email address (Step 1 - below).

    Step 1 - Enter an Email

    Once a site visitor clicks Next Step, they will immediately be sent an email at the email address provided for verification purposes. This email will include an 8 digit security code which must be entered in Step 2 (below). Note: for security reasons, this code is only valid for a limited period of time.

    If you or any site visitors report that they do not receive this email, please see Login Troubleshooting.

    After entering the security code, a site visitor will be taken to a page where they can create their account (Step 3 - below).

    Create an Account Screen

    After clicking Setup Account, users will be logged into Portal. In most cases, we suggest that you set the Profile tab to load first, making it easy for a user view & edit their full profile. Again, they will not initially have rights to view the Church Directory until you manually upgrade their security role. 

    Portal Account Creation Options

    Removing the ability to create an account

    Some organizations prefer to create accounts for their users rather than allowing anyone to create an account online. If this is you, you will need to hide the Sign-Up and Social Media login options. To do so, from the ELEXIO Database Home Screen, select Options > Portal Options > Policies. Un-check the "Allow new user accounts to be created from the Member Portal login screen" checkbox. (screenshot below).

    Privacy policy

    You may choose to force users to review/accept your privacy policy after creating an account. In ELEXIO Database, navigate to the Policies tab (below), and check off the "Force Users to accept the privacy policy before being able to use the Member Portal" checkbox. You can use Elexio's default privacy policy or add your own.



    Now that you've reviewed the basics on Account Creation, we you may want to continue on to:

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    Last Updated: 5/14/2016