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Last Updated: 1/6/15

Portal FAQ

I pasted a Facebook link into the Communications section of My Info, but it's not letting me save it. What's wrong?

  • There are two acceptable formats for saving a link to facebook.   They are the ID number format or the custom name format.  Here's a sample of what each of these look like:
  • ID Number format: fb://profile/1615459234
  • Custom Name format: http://www.facebook.com/johnsmith

I do not see a Giving tab on the Portal site. Why?

Note: Suggestion 2a applies only to those who have signed up for Elexio Financial Processing Services (account.elexio.com/financial).

  1. When someone logs into Portal in order to see the Giving tab they must be a head of household (or spouse of head) OR they must have their giving tracked individually. This is a security feature. When new users setup their own account in Portal by default they are made “Head of Household” so that they can begin online giving immediately.

  2. a) Or it could be that you need to turn on Online Giving in Fusion. From the Home Page, click on Options, then Online Giving and Payments (Portal & Mobile). Select the option to accept online donations and event payments and select the payment methods you'd like to use.
    b) If you happen to be using Vanco, make sure you tell them you are an Elexio client and ask them to notify us that your account is setup. We will enter merchant account info in Fusion for you.

How do we show or hide individual sections of Portal?

Currently, Portal does not include the ability to display just certain menu items, the entire menu must either be on or off. If you'd like to just display certain sections of Portal, follow the instructions below.

  1. On your website, create separate pages for each area of Portal that you would like to display. For example, if you don't want to display the Directory, Groups, or Ministries sections, you would just need to set up three pages; one for the My Info, Events, and Giving sections.
  2. On each page, if you use Elexio Website, add an Elexio Portal block, then use the provided drop down menu to set Portal to display the section of your choice. Make sure to leave the Show Menu checkbox unchecked so the built in Portal menu does not appear.
    1. Note: If you don't own Elexio Website, you will need to accomplish the above by modifying the Portal embed code. Instructions to do so can be found at Setting up and Using Portal under the "Option 1: Integrate Portal into your existing website" heading.
  3. On each page where you've placed Portal, include a menu that links to the other pages that display Portal. Your website visitors will use this menu to navigate to the different sections of Portal instead of the built in Portal menu.

Our church uses Gmail. Is there a way to use the email capabilities in Portal through a gmail or other web-based email without utilizing desktop-based email software?

If I or someone in our church uses Portal to track giving, is there an option in Portal to opt out of receiving mailed statements from the church?

Go Paperless! The Elexio Portal includes an opt-out check box on the Giving Page in Pulse. It is located just above giving history. If a user checks this box, they will not be included in mailing lists for printed giving statements

In the Contribution Statement report (R1300), on the Report Filter tab, there's an option to "Exclude Pulse contributors who have opted out of paper statements." This exclusion is checked by default. Note If a Head of Household checks this box, it will result in the whole household being opt-ed out. The only exception is if a household member's contributions are set to track separately.

How do we separate online giving based on campus?

The database People General Info Screen (And the Profile in the Portal) provides a designation of campus for each person in your database.  Giving reports an be filtered based on this field, However a simpler option may be to provide a separate fund (or set of funds) for each campus. As long as you aren't working with too many funds and campuses, this is very workable. 

Ex: Contributors can choose from this list of funds - North City General Fund, South City General Fund, and West Heights General Fund

A couple of related possibilities include:

  1. Giving based on assigned campus:
    You could communicate that all online giving will be considered as part of the campus the family is listed as attending. The campus information is available on their MyInfo tab in the Portal.
    Then on your financial reports, use the Field Chooser option to include Campus/Location and group by the field to give you totals based on Campus. (You can save these reports so you don't have to re-do that set up each time.)

  2. Specific pages or codes: In other online giving options (Guest Giving and Text to Give) you can set up specific pages or codes for gifts to specific funds. But by their nature these are generally more limited (for example, they don't include recurring giving). 

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