Question and Answer Sessions

We offer FREE live Q & A sessions designed for "How-To" type questions regarding our software. In these, we not only connect over the phone, you can see the presenter's screen. Think of it as “small group time with an Elexio guru.”

Please keep in mind these sessions assume you have base familiarity with our products. If you're brand new, we'd recommend beginning with our Getting Started Guides before attending a Q&A session. These resources can found under each Product tab under the "Introduction" sidebar menu option and cover the majors you'll need to get moving quickly.

When you register for a session, you will have the opportunity to list several of your pressing questions that you would like to review. These questions will be answered first. Afterwards, we will take new questions from those in attendance at the session. If you don't have specific questions but would like sit in and hear what other churches are asking, that's ok too.

Click Here to be redirected to our Account Center and sign up for a Session!

(Make sure you sign up for the sessions about your product).


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