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Last Updated: 3/17/15

Export Contributions to QuickBooks

If you have a copy of QuickBooks, Elexio Database allows you to export your contribution records to QuickBooks.  

NOTES for first time use/setup:

1. You will need to be signed in as an administrator of the computer you are using to setup this feature properly. (We're referring here to permissions on the specific computer itself, not in Elexio Database.)

2. You will need to setup your QuickBooks Account Links the first time you access this feature. Click here to jump to more information.

How do I access this feature?

  1. From the Home screen, click Enter Contributions from the Quick Links box at the top left of the screen
  2. In the Contribution Data Entry window, select the Export tab. The first tab that opens is the Quickbooks tab.
  3. Click in the white area of the screen
  4. Select Export to QuickBooks at the bottom of the screen

QuickBooks Options

When you've clicked Export, it will open the QuickBooks Option screen. On this screen there are several fields you will need to fill out to setup the information you will export:

Contribution Date Range - You can choose a time frame like this year or 3 months ago, etc., or you can pick a specific date range to use. This will filter the information displayed below by the selected date range.

Level of Detail - Choose between Totals only or Individual Transactions. The information displayed below is totals only.

QuickBooks Connection - Identifies whether your QuickBooks data is on your local computer or if you're using a QuickBooks Online product.

Funds - This field displays all of the funds that you have set up in Database. Choose the funds from which you want to pull information to send to QuickBooks.

Batches - This field displays all of the batches that you have set up in Database. Choose the batches from which you want to pull information to send to QuickBooks.

Giving Method - This field displays the various giving methods by which you can accept donations. Choose the type of giving method you want to include in the information to be exported to QuickBooks.

Your Contribution Data will display at the bottom of the window once all of your links are set up. From there you can decide what information you would like to send to QuickBooks. Information is displayed in the following fields:

Date Given - when the contribution was donated

Fund - which fund the contribution was donated to 

Quickbooks Credit Account - which account the contribution is added to

Quickbooks Debit Account - which account the contribution is taken from 

Giving Method - the method by which the contribution was paid

Batch - the group of contributions the donation is in 

Comment - any pertinent comments about the contribution 

Amount - the monetary total of the contribution

Status - whether or not the information has been sent to Quickbooks

Action - the action that will be taken when the Export to QuickBooks button is selected. Choose to Export or Do Not Export.

Edit QuickBooks Account Links

The first time you access this feature, you will need to setup your QuickBooks Account Links. To do this, you must have QuickBooks open and be logged in as the administrator. If you are working with QuickBooks Online and aren't logged in, this process will initiate an online connection.

NOTE: if you get an error about a class not being registered  or if DATABASE is unable to open QuickBooks, then you may need additional drivers. Click this link below to install them.


After you open the Export tab on the Contributions data entry screen, the QuickBooks Options screen tab will openClick the Setup Account Links tab at the top right.

At the bottom left corner of the screen, click the link that says Click here to create QuickBooks link. This will open the window shown below. Select Yes, always; allow access even if Quickbooks is not running.

When you select Yes, it will open the confirmation window shown below.

Select Done, and your drop down menu options for your links will be autopopulated with your information from QuickBooks. You will then need to use these options to link your funds manually.

You will need to set up your links to define how each giving method will behave when used with a fund. For each Fund you must assign:

Credit Account - which account will get the donation money (This is typically an Income account e.g. General Fund)

Debit Account (defined separately for each giving method) - which account will the donation money be taken from (this is typically an asset account e.g. Undeposited Funds)

Once you have set up these links, click Ok and the QuickBooks options page will be refreshed with your contribution data based on the links you defined and the fields you have selected. 

Once again, you must have Credit and a Debit account selected for each fund or you will get errors when you try to export to Quickbooks. Do not leave these fields blank.

Exporting to QuickBooks

Once your links are set up the way you want them and you have filtered the information you would like to send to QuickBooks, click Export to Quickbooks.

The first time you do this, the windows shown below will appear again. Select Yes, always; allow access even if Quckbooks is not running in the first window and Done in the second. They will not appear the next time you export data.

You will then see a window summarizing what you are sending to QuickBooks. It also creates a .txt file on your desktop including this information for your records.

This will automatically add the contribution information as a journal entry in QuickBooks.

Quickbooks Online

If you do not have the offline version of the QuickBooks software, you may link Elexio Database with the online version. 

First Time Setup and Use

You can select to work offline local or online.

If you select to use the online version, when you click Click here to create QuickBooks link, a new window will appear:

Enter your Intuit account email address and password and click Sign In

Click Authorize.

This will connect Elexio Database with QuickBooks online and will populate the link menus just like it did with the offline version.

After you click Authorize, you'll be taken back to the Quickbooks Options screen to start setting up your account links.

NOTE: When you go to export your information, you won't have to log in again.

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