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Last Updated: 3/30/15

Field Chooser Reports

Elexio Database offers a special kind of report called Field Chooser Reports. These reports allow you to select exactly what data fields you want to see as well as use complex filter options to further define your search criteria.  You can choose what fields to include and create a customized format by using the sorting and grouping settings.  You also have a variety of output options and a quick and easy Excel spreadsheet formatting tool.  You can make temporary modifications to the original report by adding filters or you can make changes and save them under a new name without changing the master report.  These reports have code letters of "FCR."  The easiest way to find them is to type "fcr" in the search box of the top of the list of Reports.

In the Field Chooser tab, select what fields you would like to appear on your report.  Several are pre-selected to get you started but you are welcome to change them.  

Each field has it's own settings for Layout, Sorting, Grouping and Totaling. Adjust the settings as needed, then click Run Report to see the result.  

Most likely you will need to filter the report in order to see only the data you need.  Use the Report Filter tab

Report Filter Tab

The Report Filter Tab offers a very powerful way to narrow down the data to just the info you want.  It looks a bit daunting at first, but once you get used to it, it is very easy to use.  Let's pretend that we want to see a list of all the people in their 20's , 30's, and 40's who live in New York City.  

1. To add the first criteria click on the Plus sign to get started.

2. Then click on the field list shown in blue.  Select Age Group

3. Select an operator by clicking on the green words.  Select "Is any of"

4. Click on the drop down box and selecting the first age group.  Click the plus sign next to "20's" and select another age group like "30's" for example.

5. Click on the Plus sign back at the top to enter another line of criteria.  Repeat steps 1 to 4 but select "[City]" "Equals," "New York City"

NOTE: Fields that have boxes to check or uncheck need the "is exaclty yes/no" filter added. The filter option "is blank" only applies to fields where you can type information

Now click Run Report to see your results.

At this point you can save your report by clicking on "Save Report" at the bottom

Since this is a master system FCR report you will be prompted to save a copy of the report with your own settings.  (Database does not allow you to overwrite the master reports which are pre-designed.)  You can give the report your own name and description.  You can select which categories your report will be included in.  And you can make it public so that everyone can use your report.

Data Grid

The FCR reports also offer a very powerful tool called the Data Grid.  The Data Grid allows you to "play" with the data using very simple controls so that you can print a report.  

1. Select one of the FCR's.

2. Then click on the Data Grid button at the bottom right hand side of the screen.  

3. You will see the Data Grid displaying all the data you selected with the FCR.

4. It works much like a spreadsheet in that you can sort the data by clicking on the column header.

5. You can filter the data by clicking on the tiny filter button in the top right corner of each column header and then selecting a value you want to search for.

6. The width of the columns can be a adjusted by dragging them to the desired width.

7. You can also group by selected fields too.  Let's say you want to group by the city field.  On the City column header and drag it to the top of the screen.  Now the grid will show all the people who live in the same city grouped together.

8. Once you have the data displayed like you want it, click on Print or Preview at the bottom left to either print or preview a report that looks much like the screen.


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