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Last Updated: 6/21/12

Report Output Options

For exporting to Lists, Labels, Envelopes, Postcards, etc - see Output Wizard

Each report can have its own output options depending on what kind of report it is.  All of the available options will appear in the middle of the screen once you select the particular report.  All reports no matter what type can be exported to Excel or PDF or other popular formats.  See the Print Preview Mode for more info.

Complete all the fields to specify what information will be pulled for the report.  Often you will be prompted to select a date range or some simple field like choosing a specific Ministry Team.  

TIP:  You can select all Ministry Teams by deleting the default choice and just leaving the field empty.  If you want to select several but not all ministries, then use the Report Filter tab.  


Most reports allow some control over the sorting.  Each report may have different fields available for sorting.  For example when you have a report designed for mailing purposes you might want to sort by Postal Code instead of Last Name.  Just select the field and the sort order of either Ascending or Descending.

Report Filter

You can add filters to existing reports in order to modify the searching criteria.  For example, if you wanted a list of all the people in their 20's & 30's that attend your church, you could use the report CS0009. (Expand the People by Status folder.  Select Regular Attenders & Members) Click on the Report Filter tab and then select the field Age Group field.  Select both of the Age Groups for 20's & 30's.

Adding a filter to an existing report is temporary.  Once you close the report it will remove the additional filter and return to the original pre-programmed criteria for that report.  You can create your own Custom Search and save it with your specific criteria.  See Creating and Managing Custom Searches for more information.

  • In the Field box, choose the Field you want to use in the Search criteria.  The drop down list contains all the fields in Elexio Database that are available for this specific report filter.

  • In the Operator box, click the Condition you want to use with the selected Field. The Conditions will vary depending on the selected Field.  Some choices are date ranges, field is "empty", field " is exactly", or by group name.

  • If the Operator requires a Value, enter the Value you want the Field and Condition to meet in the Value box. When the "is between" condition is chosen, there will be 2 Value boxes. For select Fields, there will be a list of Values from which you can select.  

  • Click Add Search Criteria to add the criteria to the Filters list. For multiple items, you must decide how to connect them. The two choices are AND and OR. AND will display records where both Conditions/Values are met.  OR will display records where either Conditions/Values are met. The default connector is AND. To remove a criteria item, select it and click the blue X on the far right of the row.

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