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Last Updated: 6/11/14

Category Permissions

The Security Roles screen have several Categories, each containing specific Features that you can Allow or Deny permissions for each Role.  This determines what a user with a specific Role can View, Add, Edit, or Delete within Elexio Database and other associated products like Elexio Check-In or Elexio Mobile. Clicking on the + next to any Category will show you a list of features associated with that category.

Database Web Form Permissions

The database web form editor which is accessed by using a limited version of Elexio Website CMS and is by default only available to the security role Admin.  If you would like to grant additional user access navigate to Dashboard>Common Tasks>Manage Security Settings and then select the section labeled Events and adjust the settings for the item identified as "Manage Custom Registration Forms".

For additional details see Accessing the Form Editor.


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