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Last Updated: 6/20/12

Barcode Scanner

Automate Your Attendance Data Entry with a Bar Code Scanner!  

Elexio Database supports bar code scanning to make data entry even faster!  All of the Database Sign In/Sign Out sheets are designed to include a bar code next to a person's name.  Once attendance is marked on the printout, the bar codes can be quickly scanned for fast accurate data entry.  This can reduce your data entry time for tracking attendance or event registrations by as much as 50% every week!  

  1. The Elexio Database bar code scanner plugs into any computer USB port.  It will load drivers automatically because it's USB.  Once you plug it in, there is no additional installation required.

  2. The scanner is lightweight, simple to use, has no moving parts, and is easy to transport.  It’s “aim and shoot” design, including beeper and bright LED, makes scanning multiple entries fast and ensures less time keying in data.

  3. In Elexio Database, assign ID numbers to anyone you want available for scanning.  These ID numbers translate into bar codes on reports with the bar code feature.

  4. Assign ID numbers to specific individuals from the People page - General Info link, simply by clicking the Auto Generate link located next to the PIN field.  If you would to assign an AutoID number to everyone in Elexio Database, go to the Home Page, click Options, and select General Options.

  5. Print out children’s sign in/out sheets with the bar code IDs.  After parents sign in their kids, take the rosters and scan all the bar codes so that attendance is quickly and accurately accounted for in Database.

  6. Attendance data entry is fast using our Group Attendance Wizard.  

  7. Use the scanner on any computer or laptop that has Elexio Database installed.  

For more information and current pricing for the barcode scanner please call our office and ask to speak with a sales representative 888-997-9947 x1.

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