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Accessing the Form Editor

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A Guide to Accessing the Form Editor 

Using any common web browser, navigate to your form storage URL (see Web Forms Overview). On your keyboard, type 'login' (you won't see the word 'login' as you type it). A login box like the one below will appear.












Enter your Elexio Database login (email address and password), and click "Login". When you are logged in, the control bar will show at the top of your site window as shown in the image below. However, if you are not a customer of the full version of the Elexio CMS, you will only see Actions, Pages and Help menu options.

Web forms will be built and stored on pages (Unique web URLs). To create a page select the Pages menu item, the Pages control window will appear (Seen below) and in it select New Page.









In the Properties tab at the bottom of the window, replace the name "New Page" with a name you want to use for the page (for example, Prayer Request Form).

Each page has a unique URL (web page address) and each page will store a form. The URL is displayed at the bottom of the page.  You will need this URL when your are learning to display and use forms.  To begin building a form  Click the "Go" button at the far right of the URL bar to go to the page.

Once on the page, navigate to Actions and then select Change Content and you are ready to Build a Basic Web Form.


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