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Database Web Forms FAQ

Q: I have an event that is already using basic registration, can I switch to a custom web form?

A: The event wizard will not prevent you from making a switch of this type.  However be aware that if a person who has already registered through the basic registration method completes your custom registration form, a duplicate registration will be created for your event. For this reason Elexio does not recommend switching to a custom registration once basic has been started.  Best practice: Don't change registration methods after registrations have been received.

Q: I am already logged in the Elexio CMS, why do I see a blue link on my form labeled "Login"?

A; The link in the upper right corner of a form is not a login for Elexio CMS (Remember Elexio CMS is where you will access the form editor).  This login is for users of your form and will allow them to auto load household demographic data into the form (See Portal Users and Logging In located on the page Connecting Forms to Database Actions for more detail)

Q: Why can't I successfully delete a container or control?

A: Your browser may be blocking this due to repeated deletes. You can refresh your screen and this should resolve the issue.

Q: When a form is submitted for a registration, can an email be sent confirming the registration?

A: A Thank you for registering page should be created and the URL added to the redirect field on the Form Options tab. This could be a hidden page or a page that would contain more information about the event, etc.

Q: Why is the event missing from my Action list for Register for this Event date list?

A: The data may be cached based on your browser settings. You can use Ctrl + F5 to reload. This may allow the information to properly display. Additionally your event may be set to not be published on the website.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of characters for things like prayer requests?

A: No, but you may run into problems if they try to paste 5 copies of a Tale of Two Cities and submit it.

Q: I cannot create a database web form for my recurring event?

A: The Event Wizard will not allow you to create a form from the initial recurring event creation window.  Solution 1 - Build your recurring event first, save and close it.  Then go to the first instance of the event and launch your new form from that instance. Solution 2 - Do not use the event wizard to launch the form.  Build the form by going directly to the form editor and then creating an action in the form that registers for the event (make the connection to the first instance of the event).  

Q: Can forms have conditional logic (i.e. answering yes to a question causes another question to appear while answering no would not)

A: Web forms do not support conditional logic.

Q: Can a multiple choice or choose one form control automatically list data from the Elexio Database (i.e list all available small groups)?

A: No.  All form control answers must be added to the form. 

Q: When you add an action to create a follow up or prayer request what determines who will appear in the list of possible people to whom the the follow up or prayer request will be assigned?

A: The list displays all users in your Elexio Database with a security role that allows for prayer requests and follow ups.

Q: Do database web forms support CAPTCHA?

A: No. However - this should not cause a problem. Since the web-form loads after the page loads, it should prevent form-bots from spamming Elexio forms.

Q: How do web forms affect event check in?

The answer depends on the settings invoked on the attending tab of the event wizard.  Here are the most common scenarios (settings marked in bold):

  • Anyone Can Attend - Registration Required box not checked:
    This rule will allow anyone to check into the event even if they haven't registered regardless of whether they were "invited"
  • Anyone Can Attend - Registration Required box checked:
    This rule will allow anyone to check in that has a status of "registered" regardless of whether they were "invited"
  • Attending Criteria Selected - Registration Required not checked
    This rule will only those matching the criteria to check into the event regardless of whether they were "invited"
  • Attending Criteria Selected -  Registration Required checked
    This rule will only allow those matching the criteria AND have a status of Registered to check into the event regardless of whether they were "invited"
  • Invited Only Selected - Registration Required not checked
    This rule will only allow those that were "invited" via email to check in
  • Invited Only Selected - Registration Required checked
    This rule will only allow those that were "invited" via email AND have a status of Registered to check in

Q: Why can't I Insert an image when a Rich Content Block is added to my form page?

A: This is most likely due to your site being an Elexio Limited Website (churchname.elexio.church).  Limited sites only contain the ability to do basic website functions such as text and forms.  For more information on the full featured Elexio Website visit Elexio.com


Q: Can I delete a database web form so it is not listed in FCR3901 and 3902?

A: Yes, in the Elexio Database, navigate to the Events area, then select the Common Tasks menu, then "Edit Registration Forms". Click on the red delete icon on the far right of the form listing you want to delete. The form will be soft-deleted and not appear in any of the report lists.

The ability to delete is controlled by a user's security rights. Navigate to Manage Security Settings and then Events> Manage Custom Registration Forms. The ability to delete is not allowed by default for all roles.


Q: How do web-forms handle declined payments for event registration?

First, it's important to know that when someone fills out a form and their credit card fails, they are immediately given an failure message. In this scenario, a registration will be created but the status will be ‘Declined’ and the Status Reason will be ‘Payment Declined’. If they retry with a new card and payment succeeds, the attendance status will be updated to ‘Registered’ and the status reason will be cleared.


Q: Can I put a coupon code or discount on my webform?

A: Yes, you can put a coupon code or discounted price on your form.

First create a Short Answer block

Than add your wording or place holder.

Next name your answer or code that you will be giving out. You can add multiple answers here but only one will be applied to this form question.at a time.

 Finally, go to the price manipulation and add a negative number for the price discount you are giving.


NOTE: By default, a coupon is applied entirely to the first person container that includes a cost. In other words, if you're registering more than one person through a form, the total charged will be correct, but the negative amount will only be applied to the first person.

(Ex: An event costs $10. You set up a coupon to reduce the price $5 for one or more, $10 for 2 or more. If you register 2 people, the total paid will be $10 (instead of $20). However, in your database, it will show person 1 as having paid $0, and person 2 as having paid $10, not $5 for each person).

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