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Web Form Matching Logic:

When a database web form looks at submitted content in a person container, it has to decide:

  1. Does this person show a clear match with someone already in Elexio Database?
  2. If not, a new person should be created in Elexio Database: what household should that new record be in?


The matching logic (for question A) looks at Name, Email, Phone, and Birthdate, depending on which are included on the form:  

  1. If the information in the person container was filled by a login and person selection, then the match is already made
  2. Name matching always checks Last Name and First Name or 'Goes By' name.
  3. The form looks for a single match with a People record in Elexio Database based on Name + Email (any), Name + Phone (any), or Name + Birthdate.
    1. If a multiple match is found, then Middle Name is used to try for a single match.
    2. If a single match on any of these is found then the data is tied to that person's record. 
    3. A match is not made if one person has a middle initial and the other does not have one. This is considered a different record.
  4. If a single match is not found, a new record is created (with the Status that is identified as the default status for forms).


Then, if a new record is created what household should it be in? Question B): New records will be created in their own new household unless the household is matched to the first person on the form. That match can happen

  1. If the Person container was created by clicking "Add a family member"
  2. If the Person container is a second container already on the form (not created by one of the "Add" buttons) and the address is left blank or the address is an exact match.


For best results in this area:

  • Include email address on forms as much as possible. Further, encourage form users to use a consistent email address with the church (i.e., the one they use for Portal login).    
  • In general the more of the matching fields you include in your form the better chance you have of making a match
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