Last Updated: 02/19/2016

Email Setup Options and Settings

If your organization depends on domain-based email addresses for communications, getting your mail setup for a smooth transition will be very important.

Domain-based mail is any mail going to an address that includes your domain, such as When your domain is changed to point to our servers, your domain-based email will also be affected.

You have a few options when it comes to using domain-based email.

1. You can use Elexio Email

If you have Elexio Website and do not already have email setup for your organization, you can get started using Elexio Mail via Mailenable.

Elexio Email is $2 per mailbox per month.

You may setup your email boxes at any time. Your email accounts will not be available for use (active) until your domain is pointed to our servers (see "My Domain"). If you are currently using domain-based email accounts, corresponding mailboxes should be set up prior to the website going live.

Please be aware, in order to conserve disk space and increase performance, we have a Mailbox Cleanup Wizard, which will automatically delete old messages from the server. The Mailbox Cleanup Wizard will hold messages on the server as follows:

  • Deleted Items - 2 weeks
  • Sent Items - 1 year
  • Junk/Spam Mail - 2 weeks
  • Draft Items - 6 months

For instructions on how to set up Elexio email, please see Setting up and Managing your Email.

2. Use another Email Provider

If you don't want to use Elexio mail, that's fine.  We can host your website but you can use another provider for your email while still using your domain in your email address.   For example, if your church website address is then your email address can still be with a non-Elexio email provider.   You'll need to change the MX record with your domain registrar in order to make this happen.   Your email provider should provide instructions for doing this. 

3. Set up your mail for use in third party software. 

If you decided to go with Elexio Mail, below are links to more info about setting it up with some 3rd party software. 

4. Set up your mail to work on your mobile device.

If you decided to go with Elexio Mail, here's more info on setting it up on an Apple or Android mobile device.

5. Sending email in Elexio Database

When you send mass email in Elexio Database you will be using a system Email Server provided by Elexio.  Don't worry, the "From" and thus the "Reply To" address can be changed to whatever you want it to be!  We used to allow Database users to use their own email server, but we removed that feature in October 2014 when we rolled out the huge new Communications capabilities.   We now manage all outgoing mail from Database to ensure the best performance for everyone.   (Database does not handle incoming email; only outgoing.)   For more Information about Email in Elexio Database see Sending Mass Email.

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