Webmail Login Information

You have access to an easily accessible Rackspace webmail portal for each address you set up. Each user can log in to view their mail at http://webmail.mymailsrvr.com

Before following these instructions, make sure you have logged in at https://cp.rackspace.com using the Rackspace credentials provided in your Elexio Account center at https://account.elexio.com and have read the Mailbox Setup article to familiarize yourself with managing Rackspace mailboxes. Rackspace has tools here to help your users set up their new mailbox on their local Mail Client (Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), found here - https://emailhelp.rackspace.com/. The end user would be signing in here with their new email address and password, supplied during the Mailbox Setup phase. (Ex. yourname@yourdomain.com logs in here and then chooses the auto-setup wizard for their PC, Mac, device, etc.)

Logging in to your webmail URL will allow you to check your inbox, manage contacts, and otherwise modify settings for your email address. It is not where you would want to manage settings for your Rackspace account. You can do that using your administrative login at https://cp.rackspace.com.

For reference, your Webmail address and design can be modified by logging in to your Control Panel and clicking Webmail Sites, as seen below

Email Client Setup

If you use Microsoft Outlook, Mac Mail, or any type of mobile device to check your mail, Rackspace makes it easy to automatically set up your mailbox. Simply visit https://emailhelp.rackspace.com and log in with your Email Address and Password. You will then be prompted to select what type of device you are using and what your mail client is. Rackspace will then attempt to set up the mailbox, or give you step by step instructions on how to do so. If you would rather just manually adjust your existing Outlook, Mail, or mobile device settings, simply change your Incoming Server to imap.emailsrvr.com and your Outgoing Server to smtp.emailsrvr.com