Email Transition FAQ's



How do I configure my Rackspace email with Outlook, my mobile device, etc?

Rackspace includes wizards that make it easy to setup your email with your favorite email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, etc. Navigate to and log in with your Rackspace username and password. Afterwards, simply click "Set Up My Email" select your device, and follow the instructions. 

Email Configuration Tutorial Video

Note for Outlook users: It is important to note that regularly backing up your local Outlook account is always advised to make sure you have copies of all of your important email. When setting up Outlook with Rackspace for the first time, to be safe, we would suggest setting up a new account so that you have both sets of mail until you ensure that all of your existing mail has migrated to Rackspace successfully. For more, see Email Migration.


What's the difference between POP3 & IMAP and which is best for me?

In general, we recommend using IMAP for email subscription to your favorite mail clients (Outlook, iPhone, etc.). See IMAP and POP3 mail protocol comparison for more. 


Can I view my Rackspace email from any computer?

Yes! As long as you have an Internet connection, you can access your Rackspace email at However, you can customize this URL to make it easier to remember. See below.


How do I customize the URL where I access my email on the web?

We recommend creating an easy-to-remember URL for your users to access their email online. (Ex: if your domain name is, Click on the button below for instructions: 

Customize my Webmail URL


How do I tell who hosts/controls my domain name?

If Elexio controls the domain settings necessary to take your email live, logging in at will look like this:

 *Note - the MX records shown are for a domain live with Rackspace. Modifying your MX records on this screen to match will take your Rackspace mail live, though DNS changes often take 1-2 hours to propagate

If your DNS screen is blank, it's likely that another providers hosts your domain name. Navigate to and search for your domain. If you see "" and "" listed, we probably control the domain. If it says anything else, we don't control it. The settings you will need to take your Rackspace mail live before MailEnable service ends can be found at


How do I change MailEnable email passwords?

If you are migrating email from MailEnable to Rackspace, you'll need each user's email password. Rather than trying to retrieve this information, it may be easier to simply reset each user's password in MailEnable. The below video provides simple instructions:

Changing passwords in MailEnable

Note: changing a password in MailEnable WILL NOT change the password in Rackspace. You will need to change them separately. See below.


How do I change Rackspace email passwords?

If one of your post-office users cannot login to their Rackspace email, you can manually reset their password for them. See the below video for instructions.

Change passwords in Rackspace


Why won't my preferred signature populate in my emails automatically?

When using the Rackspace webmail interface for managing your email, you'll need to first establish your signatures in the Signatures tab of the Composing Email section of Settings.

 After saving your signatures, return to the Composing Email section of Settings and find the Identities tab. You'll then want to Edit your identity settings and ensure that your preferred signature is set as the Default Signature.