How to login and manage your Rackspace email

Once Elexio has setup your Rackspace account, just follow the instructions below. 

For complete details, see Rackspace Email Overview.


Login to the Elexio Account Center to access your Rackspace administrative login credentials

Rackspace Login Credentials

  • Navigate and login to the Elexio Account Center at
  • Under the "ELEXIO Website" heading, click on the Manage your Mailboxes button. Here, you'll see your username and administrative password (right), as well as a link to the Rackspace Control Panel ( 

Login to your Rackspace Control Panel:

  • Navigate to and login with the credentials you've been provided. Any configuration settings, mailbox creation, or other administration tasks can be completed here.

Add/Delete and change passwords for email addresses

  • Click the "Mailboxes" link to see all your email addresses.
  • To add an email address, click the "Add Mailbox" button (right) and fill out all the required information.
    • (Note: Elexio bills $2 per email address. Your total bill is calculated on the first of each month). 
  • To delete an email address, click on the blue link for that address and click the "Delete" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • To change a password for an email address, select an email address and input a new password in the appropriate fields. 


Customize where to access your email on the web

To customize the URL where you access your email on the web, you simply need to add a C-Name record to your DNS. We recommend using (Ex: if your churches' domain is, this would be 

  • Locate the current URL where you access your email on the web. This can be found in the Rackspace Control Panel under the "Webmail" screen. It should look something like
  • Contact your domain name host and have them add a C-Name Record with the below settings:
    • Sub-Domain:
    • Host:
  • If you host your domain name through Elexio, go to to add this C-Name record. 
    • Click the "Add" button then select "C-Name." (Correct setup shown at right). 

Customize the look of your Rackspace Webmail Interface

If many of your users will access the email on the web, you may want to consider adding your organization's logo and color scheme to your webmail interface. In the main menu, click on "Webmail Sites." Underneath, you'll see options to change the Colors and Styles, Header and Footer, etc.

For more details on all that Rackspace email provides, see Rackspace Email Overview


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