Mailbox Migration

Rackspace provides an easy-to-use migration tool so you can bring across any of your existing mail. You can view their full help article on mailbox migration here

NOTE: the migration is for transferring email only. Contacts and calendars setup in MailEnable will NOT transfer but can be done manually.

To begin the process, enter any email address you have access to at

You will get an authentication email from Rackspace, and you can click the link in that email to open the migration wizard. Enter your domain for your existing mail server as shown below (If you are a current Elexio mail client, you would enter ""):

The following screen confirms that emails will be brought across - click "Next"

On the third screen, Specify Mailboxes, you can enter the Source mailbox and Destination mailbox using your existing usernames and credentials and the usernames and credentials you created already. You can also copy and paste the contents of a spreadsheet into this area rather than entering the information cell by cell:


You can import up to 50 mailboxes per migration, and perform subsequent migrations if you have more than 50 boxes. For your convenience, they've provided a blank spreadsheet template you can download with the link pointed out above.

You are now ready to change your DNS settings so that mail is delivered to your new mailboxes. Please see this article for instructions: DNS Settings

(NOTE: If you are transitioning from MailEnable to Rackspace, you should have already having modified your DNS records. See Step 2 in our guided walk-through).