Transitioning from MailEnable to Rackspace

We're excited to transition our email services to Rackspace; a full-featured, cloud-based email provider. Click here for a list of just some of the enhancements you'll enjoy.


On September 15th, we will be disabling MailEnable, our current email solution. To avoid an interruption in service, all postoffices must be transitioned by that date. That said, most of the work is already done for you! There's just a few remaining steps that you'll need to complete.

Will my email go down?

No. As long as you follow the directions in our 4 Step Transition Plan (particularly Step Two), you will experience no loss of email.

Can I make the transition on my own?

Absolutely! You have complete control over the transition process. Many organizations have already made the transition without contacting Elexio. That said, we're here if you need us - create a support ticket at to pass any questions along to us


What do I need to do? 

We recommend that you begin by reviewing our Recorded Video Webinar. In this webinar we review the benefits of Rackspace, what users can expect, success tips, as well as reviewing the 4 steps to transition in detail. (We've included a table of contents so you can jump to whatever section you'd like to watch).

Watch the Email Transition Webinar Now!

If you prefer written material, please see...

Success Tips  and our Four Step Transition Plan


Four Step Transition Plan:

We understand that email is critical to your organization's operation. With that in mind, we've worked hard so you have complete control over the migration process. (In other words, you can transition at any time without waiting on Elexio). 

Our four step process (below) reviews everything you need to do to complete your transition. We recommend reviewing all four steps so you have a good understanding before you begin. 

1. Login to your Control Panel 

2. Take your new email live

3. Import (Migrate) your mail

4. Communicate with your team




Four Step Transition Process

Step 1: Login to your Control Panel

We've imported all your existing email addresses and passwords into Rackspace. You'll want to login to your Rackspace Control Panel and confirm that they're all there.

In addition, since every email address is $2/month, now would be a great time to evaluate if there are email addresses that you're no longer using - or if there are new ones you'd like to add. 

Find your Username & Initial Password:Rackspace Login Credentials

  • Navigate and login to the Elexio Account Center at
  • Under the "ELEXIO Website" heading, click on the Manage your X Mailboxes button. Here, you'll see your username and initial password (right), as well as a link to the Rackspace Control Panel ( 

Login to your Rackspace Control Panel:

  • Navigate to and login with the credentials above. 
    • Any configuration settings, mailbox creation, or other administration tasks can be done here.
  • Click the "Mailboxes" link to see all your email addresses. Again, all your existing email addresses should already exist here.
  • Find and click on the email address. Delete it.
    • (This email address was used for administrative login with MailEnable and is no longer necessary. If you choose to keep it, you will be billed $2/month for this address). 

Locate where to access your email on the web

Before you take your Rackspace email live (step 2), it's important to know where to actually check/access your email online.

  • In the Rackspace Control Panel, click on Webmail Sites in the main menu. 
  • On the screen that loads, you'll see the URL where you can access your email on the web. It should look something like " (see screenshot below).

    Webmail URL
  • Note: To make this URL more memorable, we recommend that customize it. (For example, if your domain is, you make it See "Customize your webmail URL" in Step 2 below.



Step 2. Take your new email live

So that you don't experience any loss of email, it will be important to take your Rackspace email live before you import (migrate) your existing email to Rackspace (Step 3). To take your Rackspace email live, you'll need to modify two simple domain name settings:

  • If Elexio hosts your domain, you can find your domain settings at
  • Delete any existing MX records, and add 2 new ones:Correct DNS Setup

    Host Record Type Priority Value/Answer/Destination
    Blank  MX  10  MX1.EMAILSRVR.COM
    Blank  MX  20  MX2.EMAILSRVR.COM

    (See screenshot at right for correct setup in Elexio's Account Center).

  • If you use another domain host such as GoDaddy, you will need to follow the exact same steps, only within the tools they provide. 

    Not sure who hosts/controls your domain? Click Here!

The above changes should take one hour to propagate. Afterwards, any new email should arrive at Rackspace. 


Customize your Webmail URL

To customize the URL where you access your email on the web, you simply need to add a C-Name record to your DNS. We recommend using (Ex: if your churches' domain is, this would be 

  • Locate the current URL where you access your email on the web. This can be found in the Rackspace Control Panel under the "Webmail" screen. It should look something like
  • Contact your domain name host and have them add a C-Name Record with the below settings:
    • Sub-Domain:
    • Host:
  • If you host your domain name through Elexio, go to to add this C-Name record. 
    • Click the "Add" button then select "C-Name." (Correct setup shown at right). 



Step 3. Import (Migrate) your mail

After you've waited one hour for your DNS changes to propagate, import your previous email from MailEnable to Rackspace.

(If some/all of your users utilize Outlook or similar Mail Client and download their email to their local computer, you may opt to retain email by simply saving a backup of their account and skip the Self Migration).

Rackspace has created an easy to use guided migration tool found here -

    • Note: To run the migration, you'll need each user's MailEnable password. If you have many email addresses, rather than trying to retrieve this information, it may be easier to simply reset each user's password in MailEnable. Click here for instructions.

    • Note2: Importing email can take from 5 minutes to a few hours depending on the number of accounts & volume of mail. This process will only import your email and not contacts or calendars.

Written Migration Instructions OR Recorded Webinar Review (skip to 30:06)



Step 4. Communicate with your team

With 25 GB of storage space, 50 MB attachment size, and world-class SPAM filtering and virus protection, your team can rest assured that this new email service will provide some major enhancements to their email workflow

  • The DIY automated email setup tool for each user is found at All they have to do is sign in with their email login, choose the device they are setting up, and run the setup utility to connect to their inbox with Rackspace. You can send them to the below video tutorial for a guided walkthrough.

Email Configuration Video Tutorial

  • We have created this template document to help you communicate with your team what they need to do to make sure that they don't experience a lack of email delivery through the course of the transition

Sample Team Communication 

Further Help Resources:

Rackspace provides numerous resources and tutorials in the Help Center: These are a great place to start of you have difficulty accessing mail, setting up mail clients, etc.