Last Updated: 12/20/2015

Help! I cannot login to Elexio software!

If you cannot login to an Elexio product, an error message should appear. This error message should help you diagnose the root cause.

Note: If no error message appears, please try closing the product and re-opening it. If it still displays no error message, please contact Elexio in a Support Request

What error message appears after a failed login attempt?

  • Invalid Password: Slowly retype your password. This may seem obvious, but the most common cause of login failure is a mis-typed password. If re-typing your password doesn't work, click the forgot your password link to be emailed a new password. 

  • Invalid Email Address: Is there a missing or incorrect character in your email address? It's easy to miss this when typing quickly. Alternatively, try a different email address. It could be that your Elexio account was set up with another email address.

Do you have the appropriate permissions to login to the software?

I've tried the above and still cannot login. What now?

Please contact Elexio. You can reach us by phone on M-F from 9-5 and Sunday 7:30-4:30 - all times Eastern. 888-997-9947 x2. Alternatively, open a support request by emailing or opening a Support Request in the Account Center. Make sure to include...

  • The product you're trying to log into
  • The email address you're using as your username

Please note: for security reasons, Elexio may need to first contact your Account Administrator if the root cause is permissions to edit a given product.