Last Updated: 12/20/2015

My Online Giving is not working

If your online giving seems non-functional (cannot login, cannot access the "Giving" screen, unable to add credit card information, etc.), please check the below items...

Note: If you are able to submit online donations successfully and only later receive an error message, please submit a non-emergency support request. Typically, issues like these are related to giving method used (Ex: a credit card or bank account number was mis-typed). 

Is Online Giving set up correctly?

If you see either of the two below errors, or the "Click Here to Give Now" button does not appear in Portal, it's likely that your online giving is not set up correctly. See our Online Giving Set-Up article.

  • The Online Giving feature will not display unless SSL security is functional for this page. Please contact the site administrator.
  • The domain XXXXXXX is not recognized.

Ensure Online Giving is setup to accept the giving methods being used.

Elexio Portal: On the Database Home Screen, click the Options tab, then the Online Giving and Payments (Portal and Mobile) sidebar menu tab. Ensure the checkboxes for the giving method being used are checked off.

Higher Giving: In your Elexio Infinity Account, select My Products/Higher Giving, then click on the Banking Information menu item. Ensure the checkboxes for the giving method being used are checked off.

Login Issues

If you cannot login Elexio Portal at all, see our login troubleshooting article.

If the above doesn't resolve your issue, please provide the below information when you submit your Emergency Support Request:

  1. The URL of your giving page.
  2. The specific details of what's not working and the full text of any error messages returned.
  3. The username (email address) of the person(s) that are encountering issues.
  4. The giving method (Credit Card, Bank Account) being used.
  5. The web-browser and version being used. (Ex: Chrome v. 46 on a Mac).