Elexio Emergency Support:


Outside our regular office hours, we offer 24/7 emergency email support for certain emergency scenarios (Listed at the end of this article). When opening an Emergency Request, we will be notified immediately and will attend to your issue as soon as possible - typically within 1-2 hours.

To open an emergency request, click here (requires login to the Account Center). Next, select "Emergency Support" from the "Product" drop down box. Select your issue type and review the provided troubleshooting materials. Many common solutions can already be found here.

If these materials do not resolve your issue, please submit your emergency request. Make sure to include the details listed on the troubleshooting page, as well as your email address, phone number, and what hours we can reach you should we need to call you in follow-up. NOTE: please only submit your emergency request once.

PLEASE NOTE: Your support issue must match one of the emergency criteria in the second drop-down provided. If your issue does not match and is submitted anyway, it will be de-escalated and placed into our normal Support Request queue and we will reply within regular business hours: M-F 9-5, Sun. 7:30-4:30 - all times EST.

The current Emergency criteria are listed below.