Last Updated: 12/20/2015

Emergency Support: My website is down

While our alert systems notify us in 60 seconds if we're experiencing a server issue, we want to ensure you can quickly contact us 24/7 if your website is fully down.

Elexio defines a website down emergency if either the home page or all pages of your website will not load. If this is happening, please check the below...

Is the issue on your end?

  1. While this may sound obvious, verify that your internet connection is working. Check another website or two to see if they're loading - ex:

  2. Try checking if your website loads on another computer. Sometimes there are unique temporary issues related to just one computer.

  3. Sometimes the root cause can be your internal network or ISP. A quick way to check if your site loads on another network is by using your smartphone. Turn off your phone's wireless and see if your site loads via your cellular connection. 

  4. Have you made any recent changes to your domain name settings? If you have made recent changes, it could be that one of the settings is incorrect. 
    1. For your site to display, both the www and wildcard "A" record should point to your website IP address. You can find your IP address in our Account Center. On the Dashboard page, under the Elexio Website product listing, click on the "My Website details" button.

Is the issue on Elexio's end?

  1. Check If Elexio is performing server maintenance or experiencing a widespread issue, it will be listed here.

  2. If you see a "Service Unavailable" or "404" error message, wait about 5 minutes, then try loading your website again. On rare occasions, an application pool or server needs to restart which can briefly interrupt service for 5-10 minutes. If the error message is still appearing after 10 minutes, please let us know.

  3. If the message you receive is a "Compilation Error" or red "Server Error," it's likely something in the software failed to compile or load. In this circumstance, please let us know the website changes you made (if any) prior to noticing this error.

Things to include when reporting that your site is down

  1. The URL of the page that's displaying the error.
  2. Copy any error message text or include a screenshot.
  3. If you were working on your website when is stopped loading, please try to include what specific changes you were making just before it failed to load. 
  4. Which web-browser are you using? (Ex: Chrome version 46 on a Mac).