International Merchant Account Options

What are the merchant account requirements and how do I get one?

If you live outside the US, keep in mind that merchant accounts must be one of the listed providers (, Nova, Concord/First Data, Paypal Pro or Vanco) and must be valid for e-commerce. If you don't have a merchant account, you will need to contact one of the listed providers:

  • Concord/First Data - Bruce G. Snyder, 866-513-6907 ext. 102 or (Bruce is not an employee or contractor for Elexio. Our clients have found him helpful in providing merchant account services.)
  • Ardent Giving Solutions, Bryce Collman 877-505-3260 ext. 119 or
  • Elavon (Nova) -
  • is not a merchant account provider, but can provide a link between many merchant account providers and your Elexio web site.
  • – note that you need a PayPal Pro (not simply PayPal) account.
  • Vanco Services - Click Here for more information. E-Checks are now supported through Vanco for Elexio Database (Portal).

What if we have a merchant account with a provider that is not listed?

Many providers will work with If you already have a merchant account, check with the provider to see if they can connect with and also check that your agreement covers e-commerce. Then you can get an account that will link your existing merchant account to your online giving software.

What about international currencies and date formats?

ELEXIO (including Portal and Mobile) handles all contribution and registration amounts as simple numbers without regard to any specific currency. The actual currency is completely dependent on your merchant account. ELEXIO Database displays a currency symbol ($, €, R, etc.) based on your computer's default. If you need the Portal and Mobile app to display a specific symbol other than $, as well as a different date format, please contact our Support Team and can usually set that up for you.

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