Elexio Success Coaching

No matter how intuitive technology may be, every ministry is structured differently. This creates the strain of aligning a unique ministry with technology intended to assist thousands of churches. While not a mandatory step, those churches that involve expert assistance experience a fast track to success with the following:

  • Quicker “Go Live” for the whole system or for existing customers just the parts you're not taking full advantage of
  • Precise alignment of software solutions to ministry goals
  • Advanced personal assistance that is centered on your church’s success

A successful implementation is defined by the following

  • Analysis ministry fundamentals, as they relate software solutions.
  • Charting a road map of success designed to reach designated goals.
  • Assistance, accountability, and encouragement to execute properly and on-time.
  • Celebration when goals are reached and solutions are implemented.
  • Timely strategic staff/volunteer end use training.
  • Strategic conversion of historic data

What does Success Coaching consist of?

1. Data Gathering/Ministry Analysis

In-depth boardroom style learning, where we set the technology aside to understand your ministry goals and what you want to see accomplished. This analysis results in a personally crafted road map of Elexio solutions and your ministry goals. Additionally, we will review your data to determine proper steps forward.

2. Implementation Plan Development and Approval

This stage will be critical for the fundamentals. Critical aspects like timeline, infrastructure assessment, data conversion projections, and development of processes relative to your ministries, teams, and campuses (where applicable) will be covered in this week.

3. Launch Preparation

Depending on the complexity of your ministry, you could be using your new Elexio system by the end of this stage. Leading up to that launch will be two hour-long sessions with your Data Champion* every week for training and problem solving. [Note: Some churches may opt for an additional onsite training toward the conclusion of this stage.]

4. Build-Out and Tuning

Now in the refining/tuning stage, sessions will be hour-long on a weekly basis. Focus will be shifted to ongoing processes and working out the wrinkles.

5. Evaluation and Transition

We’ll invite you to critique the process, and we’ll make sure you’ve got a handle on internal process control and training resources as you embark on the next steps. Lastly, we’ll make sure you know the best ways to reach our Support team for the ongoing management in the evolution of your ministry.

*Data Champion: Staff or Volunteer(s) with the time, resources and administrative skills to ensure a successful implementation

6. Data Conversion Assistance

Your Elexio Success Coach will help you navigate key decisions and the execution of converting parts your historical data (Talk with your sales person for details on levels of data assistance)

7. End-user Education

Your Elexio Success Coach  will help you plan just the right amount of end-user education.  Your coach can be the instructor for your end users or if you prefer the coach can help you plan and execute your own education sessions. Learn more about education options here.


Is Success Coaching only beneficial for new customers?

No, Success Coaching engagements are tailored to meet your needs regardless of how long you've been a customer.  In short, if you want success with Elexio software, coaching can help.

Does this mean Elexio handles the work of implementing?

While we can't do your work for you, we can help you make sure that your work is effective.

How is this different than support?

Elexio has a great support team geared to make sure you have what you need to put your tools to use. So why would you need Success Coaching?

A Success Coach will help you start up quickly and correctly…

  • Access/availability - Your Success Coach will spend hours each week focused on helping your specific ministry get up to speed quickly.
  • Understanding you - Your Success Coach will get to know your ministry and how you function.
  • Early direction - The early implementation decisions you make will have a significant impact on how quickly and effectively you are up and running. We are bringing decades of cumulative experience to this process to evaluate your specific situation and navigate what will work best for you.

Can't we do this ourselves?

Absolutely. You can lead your team to walk through your own analysis, get an in-depth familiarity with all of the Elexio tools, and decide how you will configure your data, implement processes, and train the rest of your team. And our support team would even be there to answer your questions.

But that would take you way more time and would involve much more effort. And with that time and effort you run a much higher risk of missteps, re-working, and unforeseen delays. And you could have much less confidence that each decision you made was taking you in the right direction.

How much does it cost?

Elexio Success packages come in different sizes prices begin at $1800.  Contact for assistance in picking the package that is best for your ministry.

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