ELEXIO Success Coaching helps churches stay balanced and prevents errors when implementing new software or restarting an existing one. Like the best sports coaches, ELEXIO's Success Coaches are part teacher, part cheerleader and part visionary strategist.

ELEXIO Success Coaching was born from our years of experience in providing support to meet church's needs, and comes from our team of pastors, elders, children's ministers, youth workers and church volunteers.


Success Coaching Options 

2-Hour PODS (Free) — Customers who chose a 2-Hour POD strategy benefit from the WISDOM and VISION of Elexio Coaches through group success seminars. The seminar schedule repeats every two weeks and customers can join anytime. 2-Hour POD customers perform their own data conversion using Community’s built-in data importer. 

10-Hour Plan ($1800) — With a 10-Hour Plan, churches benefit from the WISDOM, VISION and personalized WORK of a dedicated Elexio Coach through weekly consultative meetings built around your schedule. Hassle-free data conversion performed by our experts is also included. The 10-Hour Plan solution is perfect for customers who need a bit of one-on-one attention to streamline the path to success.

15 & 20 Hour Plans ($2700 & $3500 respectively) — Customers who choose 15 or 20 Hour Plans strategy receive the full measure of WISDOM, VISION and personalized WORK from a dedicated Elexio Coach through weekly consultative meetings built around your schedule. Hassle-free data conversion performed by our experts is also included. These solutions are perfect for customers who want to ensure the path to success is fully mapped and led by a product and church process expert.




What products can I buy Success Coaching for?

The Success Coaching described on this page is available for ELEXIO Community and Deluxe. Coaching is available for ELEXIO Financials in different hourly packages (8 Hours for $1500 and 16 Hours for $3000).

Is Success Coaching only beneficial for new customers?

No, Success Coaching engagements are tailored to meet your needs regardless of how long you've been a customer.  In short, if you want success with Elexio software, coaching can help.

Does this mean Elexio handles the work of implementing?

While we can't do your work for you, we can help you make sure that your work is effective.

How is this different than support?

Elexio has a great support team geared to make sure you have what you need to put your tools to use. So why would you need Success Coaching?

A Success Coach will help you start up quickly and correctly…

  • Access/availability - Your Success Coach will spend hours each week focused on helping your specific ministry get up to speed quickly.
  • Understanding you - Your Success Coach will get to know your ministry and how you function.
  • Early direction - The early implementation decisions you make will have a significant impact on how quickly and effectively you are up and running. We are bringing decades of cumulative experience to this process to evaluate your specific situation and navigate what will work best for you.

Can't we do this ourselves?

Absolutely. You can lead your team to walk through your own analysis, get an in-depth familiarity with all of the Elexio tools, and decide how you will configure your data, implement processes, and train the rest of your team. And our support team would even be there to answer your questions.

But that would take you way more time and would involve much more effort. And with that time and effort you run a much higher risk of missteps, re-working, and unforeseen delays. And you could have much less confidence that each decision you made was taking you in the right direction.

Do I have to buy a package of hours?

For new customers we highly recommend one of our packages (10, 15 or 20). If your are restarting a lagging implementation or just need some basic training you can buy Success Hours individually at $200 per hour.

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