Elexio Training Videos

Elexio Short Courses (a.k.a. training videos) are designed to help you move from novice to master level user (or maybe just a power user if that's best for your ministry role).  Courses are broken into three levels for end users and a special level for system administrators (Level 0.5).

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New User Quick Start Videos

Adding People Training Videos Series Adding People

Learn how to add individuals and families.

Defining People Training Videos Series Defining People

Learn the details of status, age group and other key fields on…

Involving People Training Videos Series Involving People

Learn the details of recording small group, serving, class and…

Assessment & Background Check Training Videos Series Assessment & Background Check

Learn how to use the Ministry Assessment tab.

Training Videos Series

Introductory (Level 0)

Clueless about Elexio products? Watch these intro level videos to prepare for learning.

Level 1

Power User - Level 1 courses are designed to help you move quickly from novice to power user!

Level 2

Super User - Use Level 2 courses to move beyond the basics on your journey to Elexio Super User!

Level 3

Master User - Take on these level 3 courses and catch all the topics that will make you a database master!

Admin (Level .5)

Admin User - Use these courses to learn the basics of tailoring the Elexio Database to your specific needs.


Want to double up on learning? You can repeat topics from all levels in the Archive.

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