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Elexio Short Courses (a.k.a. training videos) are designed to help you move from novice to master level user (or maybe just a power user if that's best for your ministry role).  Courses are broken into three levels for end users and a special level for system administrators (Level 0.5).

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Others in this Training Videos Series

Basic Events Training Videos Series' Basic Events

Learn event basics (What, when and where is the event?)

Check-in Training Videos Series' Check-in

Level 2 short courses fine tune your Elexio Database knowledge and focus…

Check-in: End User Account Update Training Videos Series' Check-in: End User Account Update

Learn how your congregation can update their account information (including…

Follow Ups, Prayer Requests & Notes Training Videos Series' Follow Ups, Prayer Requests & Notes

Learn how to create/assign follow up and prayer requests. Learn about…

Dashboard Training Videos Series' Dashboard

Learn about the managing the opening screen in the Elexio database.

Group Action Wizard Training Videos Series' Group Action Wizard

Learn how to mass edit involvement information.

Promoting Students Training Videos Series' Promoting Students

Learn two strategies for promoting students.

Mailings List & Mailing Names Training Videos Series' Mailings List & Mailing Names

Learn about managing mailing lists and adjusting mail display names for…

Adjustments for Divorce, Death, etc. Training Videos Series' Adjustments for Divorce, Death, etc.

Learn how to manage divorce, death and marriage for households and individuals.

Advanced Contribution Entry Training Videos Series' Advanced Contribution Entry

In this video we've provided information on managing multi-campus giving,…

Electronic Donations Training Videos Series' Electronic Donations

Learn about online and mobile giving options for guests and regular attenders.…

Check Scanning Training Videos Series' Check Scanning

Learn how to setup and manage electronic check scanners.

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