Elexio Training Videos List

Elexio Short Courses (a.k.a. training videos) are designed to help you move from novice to master level user (or maybe just a power user if that's best for your ministry role).  Courses are broken into three levels for end users and a special level for system administrators (Level 0.5).

Setup (Admin Level 0.5) Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Security Roles (4min) Adding People (6min) Basic Events (12min) Advanced Events (13min)
Setup Options - General (7min) Defining People (12min) Check-in (5min) Advanced Reporting (10min)
Codes: Status (8min) Involving People (10min) Follow Ups/Prayer/Notes (13min) Automation (11min)
Codes: Funds (3min) Assessment. (9min) Portal (13min) The Output Wizard (5min)
Codes: Age Group (4min) Communication (11min) Dashboard (15min) Custom Searches (9min)
Mailing Lists (4min) Contribution Entry (12min) Group Action Wizard (9min) Accessing the Form Editor (2min)
Services (6min) Attendance Entry (12min) Promoting Students (10min) Building a Basic Web Form (8min)
Groups/Class/Ministries (7min) Basic Reporting (10min) Mailing Lists/Names (10min) Connect Forms to Actions (6min)
Options - Portal/Mobile (7min)   Adjust for Divorce, Death, etc (11min) Display/Use Forms (7min)
Event Setup (Rooms etc.) (11min)   Adv. Contribution Entry (12min) Build an Advanced Form (11min)
Follow-up Letters/Emails (6min)   Electronic Donations (9min) Forms for Event Registration (9min)
Defining the Directory (10min)   Check Scanning (13min) Manage Form Payments/Data (11min)
Multiple Campuses (6min)   Check-in: Account Updates (2min)  
Mac Setup & Install (7min)        


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