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Last Updated: 02/11/15

Mobile Check-in

The video below and following article will help you get acquainted and set-up for check-in through the ELEXIO Mobile app.


First Things First...

The first thing you need to do is set up events for mobile check-in with Elexio Database. Use the Event Wizard to create a new event or edit an existing one. Under the Check-in tab, make sure you check the box that says "Use this event with mobile check-in (Elexio Mobile)". Unless that box is checked, the event will not appear for mobile check-in.

Standard Check-in

In the mobile app (Elexio Mobile) tap the Check-in menu item.  You should see all members of your household appear.  Tap the person you would like to check-in and then select the event(s) they will be checking into.

You may also tap the Express Check-in button at the top to check in all family members to all events for which they are eligible.   This makes check in very fast and easy.

*Note - Express Check-In can be disabled for the mobile app.  In the Database, navigate to Home\Options\Mobile Options and deselect the box that says "Enable Express Check-in".  Ideally you should set the mobile app to the same options you allow at a full check-in station.  

If there are no labels to print (Name Tags or Security Tags) and you are not requiring people to scan the QR code to prove their attendance, then events will only require you to select the event and tap finish. That's it! They are officially checked in and their attendance record has been saved.

But when an event requires name tags and/or security receipts to be printed or proof of attendance you will see a large QR code appear.  See below.  People will need to scan this QR code at a kiosk at the church (or event location where they are checking in) in order to get their labels and/or prove they are present.  You can display a custom message informing them of where to go to scan the code.

If an event requires people to scan a QR code, then an attendance record is not saved until you check in by scanning the code. "Checking-In" on your mobile device sends the data to a pending queue where it waits for the scan to complete. Scanning the QR code will finish the check-in, save the attendance record, and queue your tags/receipts for printing.

Please Note you must have a "2D" bar code scanner in order for this to work. The Honeywell scanners that we sold in the past will not work. The only bar code scanner that we officially support is the GoDex GS550. You may order these scanners from us.  Just contact our sales team to order.  You are welcome to use your own 2D scanner, but our support team may be limited in their ability to help with potential hardware conflicts.



Working Offline or Locally

If your church is working offline or connecting to a local server, here are some important things to note:

  1. Users who want to check-in with a mobile device must have some kind of access to the internet. If they can't get online via wifi or cellular data, they cannot perform a mobile check-in.
  2. When using Check In Admin functions, kiosks must be have a functioning Internet connection to receive check-in data and print labels. These signals are transmitted from the Admin's mobile device via network connection to the kiosk. If you are working offline, but your kiosks still have an internet connection, they should still be able to print labels automatically.
  3. The only way to print labels from a kiosk that is truly offline (no internet connection at all) is to scan a QR code. Kiosks can complete check-in without an internet connection as long as a mobile check-in QR code has been loaded on a user's mobile device. Scanning the QR code will tell the kiosk to complete the check-in and add the user's name tags / receipts to the printing queue.

Take at a look at the article on Elexio's Mobile Check-in options for more info.

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