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Check-in Admin

It gives you the ability to mark attendance by checking in people for events using the mobile app. Almost everyone has a smart phone. Why not have a few volunteers put theirs to good use on Sunday morning? It can be used in conjunction with an Elexio Check-in kiosk printer for labels or by itself. You can also add guests or new household members from within the mobile app. Guests added via Elexio Mobile create new people records in the Elexio Database. 

Why use Check-in Admin?

You could have trained volunteers use their phone or tablet to help people check-in when there are long lines...because 90% of parents arrive between the service start time and 5 minutes after!

You could have an adult Bible study leader or administrator use it to mark attendance during their weekly meeting time. 

For smaller churches that don't choose to use Elexio Check-in software with labels, it can be used by children's church teachers or attendance trackers to mark attendance.

Who has access to Check-in Admin?

Any security role can be given access to Elexio Mobile Check-in Admin by adjusting the security role settings in the Elexio Database.  Access should be given to any user (staff or volunteer) that will be assisting check-in activities during an event (i.e. your Sunday worship services). By default the Admin security role has access to this feature. Basic users of the mobile app should not be given access to check-in admin. Basic users will be able to check in their families through the mobile by simply using the check-in menu item. (See check-in for more details)

Note: Check-in admin features are set to "Denied" by default for all roles except Administrators. You'll need to manually adjust accordingly to grant access to other roles.

Using Check-in Admin

After clicking on check-in admin in the mobile, the window below and to the left will be presented which allows you to perform check in tasks one of two ways.


Search by Person

Click search by person to enter any portion of the person's name, their phone number or their pin number (Information about using pin numbers can be found here, scroll to the section titled Security and Privacy). The returned results will include anyone who meets the criteria. The example above and to the right shows the results of a search for "Mark". If no results are returned you can add a new person to the database (see Adding Guests).

If the person you selected from the search results is a member of a household, all household members will be displayed and can be checked in.

Find and tap the name you want and their eligible events for the current time period will appear.Tap an event and you will be able to check in that person and, if required for the event, print the necessary labels. For more information on printing labels see Check-in Options.

If you would like to add a new family member to the existing household, follow the procedures for adding a person.

Search by Event

Tapping Search By Event will return a list of all events for the day (limited by the campus indicated in check-in options). Tap an event to get a list of people who are eligible to attend.

If the event has 80 or less eligible attendees, each person will be listed. From the list of eligible attendees tap the name(s) of the people and then tap check-in at the bottom of the screen. If the mobile app completes a successful check-in a confirmation message will appear and the name(s) will be removed from the list of eligible attendees. If the mobile app is unable to complete the check-in you will receive an error message. Most errors relate to printer configurations. If you get other errors, please contact Elexio Support. (Did you know Elexio Support is available on Sundays? Check our support hours here.)

If the event has more than 80 eligible attendees, the eligible list will not be populated.  For these events, use the search function to search by any part of name, phone number or pin number (Information about using pin numbers can be found here, scroll to the section titled Security and Privacy). A list of search results will be displayed if your search criteria matches for anyone eligible to attend the event. If no results are returned check the eligibility requirements for the event in the Elexio Database. If you suspect that the person needs to be added to the database (i.e. a guest or visitor) exit out of the Elexio Mobile Search by Event feature and choose instead the Elexio Mobile Search by Person feature. Currently adding new people is only available in search by person because you will want to verify that they are not already in the database.

Adding Guests or New Household Members

Adding Guests

If searching by name provides no results, users can click the "Add Guest" icon in the top right hand corner of the search results window. 

The add guest/new person feature will then ask a series of demographics questions about the new person. Once all information has been entered, normal check-in by person processes can be followed (as described above), and/or additional family members can be added to the newly created guest record.

NOTE: the questions displayed when adding a new person can be managed in ELEXIO Check-In under System Options > Account Access > Guest Check-In > Additional Information. See Guest Check-In.

Adding new people to a household

To add a new person to an existing household, first use the people search feature to locate the household. Next click on the add new person to existing family icon in the upper right corner.

The add guest/person feature will then ask a series of demographics questions about the new person. Once all information has been entered, normal check in by person processes can be followed as described above.

Check-In Options

When you first start using Check-in Admin, you may be prompted to select a campus and a kiosk. You can select what campuses should be searched when looking for events as well as what kiosk should be visited to complete check-in by printing labels.

Note: In order for a kiosk to appear as selectable, it must be turned on with barcode scanning enabled.


Once these are selected, you will be taken to the people or event search to begin searching the filtered list of events.

To modify these settings later, tap the gear in the upper right corner of the Check-in Admin main screen and you will be taken to the same list.

Attendance Records

Mobile Check-in is the absolute fastest way to record attendance. If no printing is required, when someone checks in on their mobile device, their attendance record is automatically updated in the database.

If an event check-in requires you to scan a QR code, your check-in record is not updated until you scan the code. Checking in on your mobile device sends the data to a pending queue where it waits for the scan to complete. Scanning the QR code will finish the check-in, update the attendance record, and queue your tags/receipts for printing.

The setting to require check-in to complete at a kiosk is controlled on the Check-in Tab of the Event Wizard in Database.

When Check-in Admin is used on the Mobile App the person logged in to take attendance will be recorded in the Record Information pop up on the individual attendee's Event Attendance tab.  

*Note - when Check-In Admin is used the Text Guardian feature will not be available from the Kiosk. 

Working Offline or Locally

If your church is working offline or connecting to a local server, here are some important things to note:

  1. Users who want to check in with a mobile device must have some kind of access to the internet. If they can't get online via wi-fi or cellular data, they cannot perform a mobile check-in.
  2. When using Check-in Admin functions, kiosks must have a functioning Internet connection to receive check-in data and print labels. These signals are transmitted from the Admin's mobile device via network connection to the kiosk. If you are working offline, but your kiosks still have an internet connection, they should still be able to print labels automatically.
  3. The only way to print labels from a kiosk that is truly offline (no internet connection at all) is to scan a QR code. Kiosks can complete check-in without an internet connection as long as a mobile check-in QR code has been loaded on a user's mobile device. Scanning the QR code will tell the kiosk to complete the check-in and add the user's name tags / receipts to the printing queue.

Take at a look at the article on Elexio Check-In's Mobile check-In options for more info.

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