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Last Updated: 10/31/14

Creating a Custom Branded Mobile App

A branded version of our mobile app allows you to add your own app name, description and icon that will appear in the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Here's more information on purchasing these options.

If you have purchased a custom mobile app, here's how to get it in place:

  1. Create your app names, descriptions and icons (see directions below).
  2. Include the information in a response to your initial email or support request.
  3. Once submitted, we will send you a confirmation of receipt within two business days.
  4. Our team will prepare the necessary documents and submit them to the App Store (iOS/Apple) and Play Store (Android). It will then take 2-3 weeks for each store to approve and publish the app. 

Note: The stores require that all of your content be in place before they will approve your app. You can modify and add content later, but any pages that are obviously incomplete or with place holder text will result in rejection of the application.

Once the app is published in the stores, your members can connect with your ministry through your own custom app. More on Setting Up Mobile

Specifics We Need From You

Here's what to include in the support request:

1. Custom Branded App Description

App Name

  • 30 characters max (including spaces)
  • Must be unique to your ministry (Sorry, but "First Baptist Mobile" is probably too generic!). Please check the iOS store to make sure your name isn't taken.

App Short Name (optional)

  • The short name will replace the App Name (above) everywhere except in the App Stores. Since most areas for App names are typically smaller (Ex: On your phone's icon screen, underneath your app icon), we often recommend that you do include a short name. 
  • For example, a short name for "Elexio Community Church" might be "EC Church."
  • 11 characters max (including spaces)
    • (Note: A phone's operating system controls if/when the short-name is used).

App Description

  • This is the paragraph that describes your app in the stores.
  • Please Note: While this description can provide basic information about your church, it should focus on what the app does or it will not be approved in the App Stores. It is a description of the app, not primarily of your church. (For a good example, see our Default Description at the bottom of this page. We provide a little information about who Elexio is and what we're about, but then focus on what the app itself does).
  • If you don't provide your own description, we will use the same description that you currently see for Elexio's mobile app. 
  • 4000 characters max (including spaces)

Take time to think through your app name and description. Make sure to include your church name so people can easily find your app. Changes to the name/description after the app has been submitted require an additional $200 charge due to the work involved.

Short App Description:

The Google Play Store now requires a short description. (80 characters max, including spaces). In the Play Store, the short description is the first introduction to your app that your potential users will see. Make sure the short description gives a good enticing summary of what your app is about. We recommend using your church name in the short description as well. 

For example, a good short description for Elexio Community Church might be,
"Get connected to what's happening at Elexio Community Church!"

2. Custom Branded App Icon

If you purchased a Custom Branded App Icon (an additional line item on your order), and wish to provide your own custom icon, we must receive your icon as images with the following exact dimensions, file extension and naming conventions. (This is required by the stores).

  • 1024x1024.jpg (1024px x 1024px)
  • 1024x500.jpg (1024px x 500px) (no alpha)

Please attach your images in a reply to your support request. Once we receive these, we will send you a confirmation within two business days.

Please Note: Avoid transparency. An app icon should be opaque. If the icon’s boundaries are smaller than the recommended sizes—or you use transparency to create “see-through” areas—the resulting icon can appear to float on a black background, which tends to look especially unattractive on the beautiful wallpapers that users choose.

The publishing of your icon is an automated process, and iOS and Android devices may take liberties to adjust your image to their specifications (e.g. adding rounded corners). Please ensure that your custom icon meets your expectations prior to submission, as additional submissions for corrections will incur additional fees.

Default App Description

Elexio provides integrated church software to equip churches to help people know Jesus. Our solutions include: website, database, check-in, giving and mobile app. This mobile app is a free install available to all churches subscribing to Elexio’s database solutions.

With permission you can…
- Contact the church, plus check service times and get directions
- Access a church directory with user controlled display of information
- Give securely online (credit card & debit card, e-checking & savings)
- Review, register, and pay for upcoming church events that apply to your profile
- See the latest (or archived) sermons and series in an in-app media playback
- Take advantage of custom content that your church displays under the Connect feature


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