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Last Updated: 1/7/15


The events screen allows you to quickly view, register, and pay for church events. Events are created and maintained on the Events screen in Elexio Database.

Setting up Events for Use in Elexio Mobile

All you need to do to set up an event for use in Elexio Mobile is remember to check the appropriate box under the Publicity Tab in the Events Wizard in Elexio Database when you publish the event.

You can check or uncheck this box at any time to control the visibility of the event in the mobile application. Once the event is enabled for mobile use, those who are eligible to view and attend will see it on the events calendar in Elexio Mobile.

Viewing Events

Use the List or Month views to quickly navigate through events.

  Tap the Home button to quickly return to the current date on the list or calendar.

Registering and Paying for Events

Select an event you would like to attend. 

 Tap the View Registration button to register for the selected event. If you are head of household or spouse of head, you will be taken to a list of family members you can register.


If it is not a paid event, once you hit Confirm, the registration is complete. If it is a paid event, once you hit Confirm, you will be taken to screen to pay.


Tap the payment method you would like to use, or tap Add New to add a new method. Once you select your payment method, you will be taken to the confirmation screen where you can complete the registration payment by tapping Pay Now.

Mobile Events and Custom Forms

If your database event is using a custom registration form the mobile app display details of that event will differ slightly from events that require simple registration.  

When a mobile app user selects "sign up" for an event using a custom form the user will be redirected to URL of the custom registration form via their mobile phone's default web browser.


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