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Please Read - Common Issue Fix:

When setting up your media center link in Elexio Database, DO NOT enter the specific page on your site where your media center is found (those URLs typically look something like -  www.mychurch.com/resources/sermons).

For the setup to be successful, you must use only your main web address (Ex. www.mychurch.com).

Media Center

If you have a Elexio Site with a Media Center, you have the option to add that content to Elexio Mobile as well. The Media Center screen is integrated with a Media Center from your Elexio Site. This is set up in the Mobile Options section of Elexio Database. Note: The mobile app will only integrate with the built in Website media center, It will not integrate with Media Rush.

The first tab displays the most recent media that has been added to the Media Center via your Elexio Site. The second tab displays all the series in the Media center.


Select a series you would like to view and then select the message from the Messages tab.


Once you open the Message, depending on what has been uploaded to the media center, you can view a video, listen to audio, or read notes about the message.


To modify any of the content that is displayed in the specific media center you have selected, you will need to go into that media center block on your Elexio Site and make those changes (Ex. add a video description or notes).



Last Updated: 8/5/14

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