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Mobile Options in Elexio Database

To maximize the usefulness of Mobile to your church, an administrator should access the Mobile Options in Elexio Database and customize the application features. The Mobile options tab is divided into five main sections which allow you to modify aspects of  the application's functions.


The General Mobile Settings menu allows you to choose the arrangement of the menu items in Elexio Mobile. Select an item from the list and use the "Move Up" or "Move Down" arrows to re-position the menu item.

This window also indicates which security role may view each menu option. You can modify the viewing privileges for your security roles in the security roles menu. If you don't want a menu item to show, just remove it as a viewed option for a given  role in security settings.

Use the Enable Express Check-in checkbox to toggle the Express Check-in feature on and off.


Elexio Mobile allows you to customize the church logos that appear in the application. On the Images screen, you can remove or change these images. When making replacements, please note that for best performance, uploaded files should be JPG or PNG and they must meet the provided size specification:

Small Logo: 52 x 52 px

Large Logo: 160 x 160 px



The Connect screen allows you to add your own custom content to Elexio Mobile by way of. Items added here will appear under the Connect menu item. Click the "Add New" button to add a new connection button.

If you'd like to use an image with the button, click "Browse" to find and add one. Click "Button Title" to add a title. Click on "http://" to add a link. To modify the title or the URL, simply click on it and begin typing. When you are done, your changes will be automatically saved.

If you would like a link to open in a new window, check the box in its row under the "NW?" column.

Times & Directions

The Times & Directions sections allows you to manage the service times and direction sections of Elexio Mobile.  Click the Add New button to add new details or new directions. Shown above are examples of service time and direction entries. In the first section, add information about "Header/Detail". It doesn't have to be Times, but is recommended. In the second section, add information to appear on "Get Directions" buttons. In the Address box, enter any valid address.  For example,"1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC"   Whatever you enter in this box is submitted to the maps app on the smartphone.  

Make sure that your Service Times and Directions are set correctly, and when you are done, click Save. If you make a mistake, you can click Cancel to revert to a previous state or click Delete to remove the entry entirely.

Media Center

Mobile has the ability to display items from your Elexio Site's media center. Add the URL of your Elexio Site in the first field provided. (Use your site address, not the address of a specific media page.You can click the little planet icon to check to see if the URL is working properly. Once Database recognizes your site, the list of media centers that you have already setup on the site will appear in the drop-down menu. Select the Media Center that you would like to display in Elexio Mobile. Your Selection will be automatically saved. The media selected will then be available in the app. You may only display one media center at a time.

You may change the media center that Mobile displays at any time. Simply come back into the Database Mobile Options screen and choose another one. The changes will be saved and the next time you open Elexio Mobile, you will see the new media.

Last Updated: 4/9/15

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