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Last Updated: 4/20/15

Application Setup and Menu

What do I need to do the first time I log in to Mobile?

Make sure that your church's URL (site address) is listed as a top level domain in Database under Portal Options>General Portal Settings!

The first time you log in, you will need to enter your church's website. If your website name is not recognized, your church admin may need to authorize it. (Note to Church Admins: This can be any of the domains linked to your Database account in your Portal options screen (Options > Portal Options > Top-Level Domains). Note: Mobile will only recognize URLs that are listed in Portal options. If there are none listed, you will not be able to activate Mobile.

Once you enter an accepted URL, you will then be taken to the "Contact the Church" screen. Press the menu button in the top left of the screen in order to see the Main menu of options. It works just like the Facebook app. If you try to access a feature like the Church Directory or to Give online, you will need to login. (Note: If you've ever logged into Elexio Database, Portal, Check-In, or Website use the same email/password.)

If you've never logged into any app in the Elexio suite, you can create your own account from Mobile. Just click on Create Account. You also have the option, just like with the Portal, to login / create an account with your Facebook or Google+ credentials by tapping the "Login with Facebook" or "g+" buttons.

Once you are logged in, depending on the user privileges, it should unlock new items on the main Mobile menu as well as grant access to the Church Directory. These items are designated by your church and their visibility varies based on your role in the database.



To quickly see changes made outside of the application to items that are displayed in-app, we have added a Refresh/Sync button at the bottom of the Menu. 

Good times to use this, for example, would be when an Admin adds or modifies a media center item in Elexio Website or an event in Elexio Database and would like to check to see that the change appears in the application.

Android support note:

This application has been tested on the most popular phones with versions of Android from version 2.3.3 on. Some features may not work on every phone/version combination. If you come across an issue on a newer, popular phone, please let us know the details (including your specific phone and version of Android) and our development team will review the item.

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