Website Update

May 24, 2016

1) Managing Page Designs Is Simpler Now

Page select button with arrow

In Pages, when you select a design you now have additional options:

  • View options - Show all designs available, Responsive designs, or just Designs in use on your site. 
  • Apply to whole site option (based on permissions) - Site Admins and Site Managers will see an option to apply the new design selection to all pages that use the existing design.



2) Site Settings

  • We've added an option for HTML that you want to include in every page header. This can be helpful for code snippets that require specific header code.
  • If you haven't looked over your Site Settings area for a while, now is a good time to make sure it's set up the way you want. See the help page on Site Settings.


3) Goodbye, Silverlight! 

The Microsoft plug-in is no longer required for any administration of your Elexio Website.

Prefer Chrome? Safari?... enjoy all of your editing in whatever major browser you prefer without the need for a plug-in.


Questions? Be sure to let our Support Team know!

Email or call 888-997-9947 #2 (M-F 9-5, Sun 8-5 Eastern).