Elexio Education 

Is education the same thing as training?

Historically learning a software system has been referred to as training. Training is about practice, about skill and about learning how to do things. And while that is a large part of what Elexio provides, we are also attempting to educate. Education is about fostering the mind by encouraging it to think independently and introducing it to knowledge. Education is about theory, understanding and a sense of the big picture.  Trained and educated users have an increased ability to solve problems on their own.

Elexio educates using both online and in-person formats.

Online Live Education (Success Coaching):  Online live education is  provided in 1 or 2 hour segments to mitigate the challenge of information overload caused by day-long training held on-site. These online meetings, known as Success Hours, are flexible; your church can provide just the right amount of education to all staff. Success Hours can be purchased by the hour or as a component of Success Coaching. To order or for more detail contact sales@elexio.com.  If you have already purchased online education, visit our best practices guide.

Free Question & Answer Sessions: Q&A sessions are live online sessions with our support experts. Meet over the phone and share screens with our team to walk through any 'how-to' related questions you have. Check out our session schedule and sign up for a session today!

Video Short Courses: Elexio  training videos are designed to help you move from novice to master level user (or somewhere in between). Engage the videos at:


Already purchased online education? Email kfranz@elexio.com 

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