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Last Updated: 12/10/12

Drafts - Saving and Publishing Changes


Each time you edit a page, a draft of that page is automatically created. Once you are finished making changes, you may either save that draft and come back to it later or publish it to show on your public site. If you are not set up with publishing rights, you will need to request your changes be published from a site adminstrator or publisher.

Making changes as a publisher:

  1. Edit the page.
  2. Click on the Page menu and select Save My Changes or Publish These Changes.

Making changes as an editor (a user without publishing rights):

  1. Edit the page. 
  2. Click on the Page menu and select Save My Changes or Request Publish.
  3. Publisher goes to draft to review and publish it.


  1. Page drafts - When a page is edited, the system begins saving a draft of the page with the editor's name and the date and time. 
    • The system automatically keeps up to one draft for each editor. 
    • A publisher may access available drafts by going to the Page menu and hovering over Drafts. This option only shows if a draft is available. 
    • If you have an existing draft version of a page and attempt to edit the live version, a prompt will ask if you are sure you want to over-write the existing draft. Because each user may only have one draft, starting a new set of edits on the current version of the page will wipe out edits that were made in the unpublished draft.
    • Most editing changes are automatically saved when the "Ok" button is clicked in the block controls.  Some changes, such as rearranging the location of blocks in a content area, do not have an "Ok" button that saves the changes made to the page.  To save this type of edit, go to the Page menu and select the Save My Changes button to update the draft of the page.
  2. Publish Changes - To make page changes show on the public site, the changes need to be published. 
    • Users with publishing rights to the page can go to the Page menu and click the Publish Changes button. This will make the current draft the live version of the page. (For more on assigning rights, see People: Security Settings.)
    • Users with editing rights but not publishing rights to the page can go to the Page menu and click the Request Publish button.  This will send an email to the publisher(s) of the page to let them know the page is ready for their review.  If specific publishers have not been assigned to that page or section of pages, the email will go to Site Publishers and/or Site Administrators.
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