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Last Updated: 12/10/12

Snapshots: Saving and restoring versions of a page

A Snapshot saves a copy of the current page that can be restored at a future date. Take a snapshot of a page before making major changes to a page, or if you are making changes that you know will be rolled back (such as special holiday service hours).

  1. To work with Snapshots, go to the Actions menu in the control bar and select Manage Snapshots .  The snapshot window will appear.
  2. To take a new Snapshot, click the Take Snapshot Now button .  The new snapshot will show in the list of existing snapshots based on the date and time it was created.
    • Only content in the main content area is captured. Design block content will not be captured.
  3. To change the current page back to a previous snapshot, click Restore for the specific snapshot. That version of the page will be restored immediately.
  4. To remove a snapshot from the list, click Delete for that specific snapshot.

The editing system will occassionally prompt an editor to take a snapshot if one has not recently been taken.

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