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Last Updated: 12/10/12


For best results we recommend that you stay with the basic text colors pre-selected for your site.  Using various colors for text and headings tends to make a site look unprofessional and poorly designed.

Changing Text Color

  1. While editing a Rich Content block, select the text that you would like to change.
  2. Click Show Advanced Options.
  3. Click the Apply Font Color icon and the color will be applied to the selected text.
  4. To change the selected color, click the Choose Font Color arrow (to the right of the Apply Font Color icon).
  5. Choose one of the pre-set colors from the colors that display.  Most designs will show a set of colors that go with the design.  To select a different color, see Using the Color Selector below.

Using the color selector

  1. To access the color selector, click the Choose Font Color arrow (to the right of the Apply Font Color icon) and select Add.... The color selector will appear.
  2. The color selector allows you to choose colors in several ways.  The radio buttons select which color control is affected by the vertical sliding bar: Hue/Saturation/Brightness or Red/Green/Blue
  3. Click on the slider bar or drag its arrows to select a value.
  4. Specific values can be entered for each of the options or for the hexadecimal coding at the bottom of the list.
  5. The circle in the large gradient box at left displays the selected color.  Click or drag to change the selection.
    • Tip: Colors can be selected by assigning Hue/Saturation/Brightness or by assigning Red/Green/Blue.  These are two different methods of assigning web colors.  If you aren't familiar with the details of web colors, just find the color you want in the large gradient box.
  6. When done click Ok.
  7. As you select colors, your three most recent choices will appear as options with the pre-set colors.

Change the background color of a block

  1. Click on Show Advanced Options and locate the Background Color box.
  2. Click on the choose color icon or enter the desired color in hexadecimal format (starting with a #).  Ex: #00FF00 will be bright green.
  3. Click Ok.
  4. You can use the color selector to find a color and note the six figure hexadecimal format there.
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