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Last Updated: 7/15/14

Copy/Paste from an outside source

When editing a Rich Content Block, content can be simply pasted using Ctrl-V on your keyboard (On Mac computers, Command-V).  But when copying content from other web pages or programs such as Microsoft Word, formatting codes may be copied along with your text.  These codes can affect how your page looks and functions, sometimes preventing even simple format changes. Follow the instructions below to remove these foreign formatting codes or to make your copied content inherit the default text styling that matches your design.

Remove formatting before pasting it into a Rich Content Block

Paste As Text will remove all formatting codes and will paste only the straight text.

  1. To use, first select and copy the text from your other source.
  2. In the Rich Content Block controls, click the Paste As Text icon. (A notification box will appear alerting you the paste as text tool is toggled on).
  3. Place your cursor in the Rich Content block and paste your text. 
  4. Use the editing tools to make any necessary formatting changes.

Pre-Existing Content is not behaving correctly

If the text on a page is not behaving as you would expect, it may be affected by code that you don't see.

  1. Highlight the suspected content, then click the Clear Formatting control option (the underlined T with small x icon). Your content will then inherit your website design's standard styling.
  2. Re-format your content (as needed) using the editing tools provided.

Copying/Pasting from one Elexio Website page to another Elexio Website page

If you copy content directly from one Elexio Website page to another, there's a chance you can pick up hidden code from the CMS itself which can cause editing problems. Below is the best way to ensure this doesn't happen when you're copying all of the content from one page to another.

  1. Open the Rich Content Block on Page A, then click on the view HTML source code button <>. (This will display the HTML that makes up your content on the page).
  2. Place your cursor anywhere in this area and press CONTROL and A on your keyboard to select everything, then press CONTROL and C to copy it.
  3. On page B, open the same Rich Content Block HTML area, place your cursor in the HTML text box, then paste (CONTROL and V) your content here.
  4. After leaving HTML view, all your content should appear, and you should be able to edit everything as usual.
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