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Last Updated: 5/22/15

Text Editing

Quick Start

  1. Open the page for editing and click on the Rich Content Block
    Displays manually entered content, such as text, images, and links. The primary block used on an Elexio website. See Getting Started
    you'd like to edit. (See Getting Started)
  2. As you enter your text, the block will expand vertically.
  3. Use the Content Controls to format bold, italic, alignment, etc., much as you would with a word processor.
  4. When finished, click Ok at the right of the Content Controls.

Use pre-formatted Heading styles for consistency and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

  1. Place your cursor in the text that you want to make a heading. 
  2. Click on the Style drop down box (Usually displays "Normal") and select the option you would like - Heading 1 is the largest style of heading.
    1. In addition to making your content clear to the site visitor, headings are used by search engines to understand what is important on your pages.
    2. As a best practice, we recommend just one Heading 1 style per page.
    3. You can use multiple Heading 2 or 3 styles on longer pages to create visual distinction between unique sections of content.
  3. To set the text back to a regular body text, select Normal.
  4. Headings apply to the entire line or paragraph.
  5. Note: if you don't like the font style of a given heading, please alert Elexio in a Support Request. We may be able to customize these styles for little or no charge. (This saves you manually changing the style each time).

Changing Font and Font Size

  1. For best results we recommend that you stay with the default font and Paragraph/Heading styles for your site.  Using various fonts and sizes tends to make a site look unprofessional and poorly designed.
  2. To change the font, first select the text you would like to change.
  3. Click Show Advanced Options
  4. To change the font, click Font Familyand select an option from the list that displays.
    • The list of font families is limited to fonts that are web friendly (display well on all web-browsers/operating sytems).
  5. To change the size of the text, click Font Size and select an option from the list that displays.

Editing trouble? Hidden code can create nasty problems

Formatting codes copied along with your text can affect how your page displays and how it responds to the editing tools.  See Copy and Paste Text

Use default formatting

All designs have a default font and color for text, links, and other elements.  If you are changing the color of all of your text or links, it may be best to make a basic change to these defaults. In most cases, this is a change Elexio must make to your design. For more information, please open a support request in the Help Center.

About line spacing and paragraph breaks

By default web pages put a line of space between paragraphs. That leaves something like an address looking like this:

Terry Staffmember

123 Main St.

Ourtown, PA 18900

To keep that from happening, instead of pressing Enter at the end of this kind of line, use Shift-Enter to tell the page it is a line break instead of a new paragraph. With line breaks instead of paragraphs, the address will show like this:

Terry Staffmember
123 Main St.
Ourtown, PA 18900

The amount of space between single lines within paragraphs is set by the site design.

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