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Last Updated: 8/8/14


A Directory block displays information for a list of people. The people it displays are drawn from your People area, and you have control over what groups and fields that the block displays. A site visitor can easily search, filter through, and email group members from the directory block.

If your church uses Elexio Database, you should use Portal for an online directory of your church members. However, the Elexio Website directory block may be very useful to display specific groups of people that you want to display publicly on your website, such as church staff. (If this is you, make sure your website is integrated with your database to avoid double entry. See Integration). If your site is integrated with Elexio Database, you can easy select any of your Database groups to display in the directory block.

Quick Start

  1. In the Add Block dialog box, select Directory to place a directory block on your page (see Creating and Arranging Blocks). The directory controls will appear at the top of your screen:
  2. The groups that display under Available Groups are the groups that have been created in the People Area (see People: Site Users, Groups, and Permissions). If you want to add or edit a group, click Edit Existing Groups.
  3. To display a group of people in this directory block, select the group in the Available Groups box and use the arrow icon to move the group to the Display Groups box. 
  4. Click Show Advanced Options to choose a theme for this block or select fields that you don't want to display.
    • Choose a Directory Theme: You can select either the default or circle theme.
    • If you've created any custom fields in the Website People area, click on the Show Custom Fields button to manage which custom fields display. These appear after you expand More Info for a directory listing.
    • Under Options, you can choose to hide certain bits of information that would normally be displayed such as address, phone number, nick name, etc.
    • You can choose to sort by directory by job title, title, first name, or last name.
    • Note: While you add images for directory listings in the People area, any images you use should be 300 pixels by 300 pixels for best display.
  5. Click Ok to finish.

Editing Directory Information

If your organization does not use Elexio Database and Portal, you will need to add a User Preferences Block to a page. (See User Preferences).

If your church uses Elexio Database and Portal, add the Elexio Portal block to a page. Directory members can edit their information under the My Info tab.

*For best results we recommend images of 150x150 pixels for use in each person's profile so that their photo will appear correctly.

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