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Last Updated: 12/10/12


Most Elexio Website designs include a logo block built into the header so that you can easily add/edit your own logo and title.

Change your logo, Title, or Tagline

  1. Hover over the title/logo area on your design, typically located in the header, and open the logo block to edit.
  2. Click the Browsebutton to select your logo image from your Files area.
    • Recommended file types for logo images are JPEG and PNG.
    • If you don't have your lown logo, you may leave this field blank or select one of our stock logos.
  3. Click the Refresh Previewbutton to preview how your logo looks in your design.
    • If your logo does not display correctly or does not fit, it is probably too large. The maximum width and height for a logo image will display in the NOTE at the top of the control bar. You may need to use photo-editing software to resize your logo to fit within the given dimensions, then re-upload it to your Files area.
  4. By default, if a site visitor clicks on your logo, it will link back to the home page. If you would like it to link elsewhere, use the Link to URL field to set this link.
  5. In the Name Detailsfield, type your organization name.
    • If your organization name appears in your logo, you may leave this field blank if you like.
  6. Again, click Refresh Preview to preview what your title looks like.
  7. If you are unsatisfied with the title display, use the size drop-down box to change the title size.
  8. Some Elexio Website designs include an area for a tagline. If so, the Tagline Details area will appear.
  9. Enter a tagline use the size drop down box to size your tagline appropriately.
  10. Click Ok to finish.
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