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Last Updated: 9/4/13

Menus on Pages: Site Sections and Redirects

The menu options in Elexio Website give you a lot of control, but with all that control, applying specifics to get your menus set up the way you want them can be challenging. This article will help you set up the secondary menus that often show in a side bar on the pages of your site.

Recapping menu controls

You have two basic types of menus available in the controls:

  1. A static menu lets you define specific links individually for each menu item
  2. A dynamic menu reflects the layout of your site pages. Dynamic menus can show
    > All the visible pages on the site
    > All Sub Pages from Parent (that is, this page and the others on the same level)
    > All Sub Pages from Current Page (that is, the pages under this one)
    > All Sub Pages from a Specific Page

Your menu blocks are design blocks, so by default, editing the block on one page affects that block throughout the site. To change a menu for a specific page or section of the site, change that design block's scope (when editing a menu, that's one of the blue buttons near the top of the controls).

Setting a section menu

If you want one of your top-level pages (for example "About Us") and the pages under it to all show the "About Us" pages in the side menu, here's the best way to do it:

  1. Go to the About Us page and edit the side menu.
  2. In the Menu block tools, click the Scope button (blue in the upper right) and change the scope to "Section" starting with the About Us page (then click Finish to return to the Menu controls).
  3. Still in the Menu controls, change the Show option to "All Sub-Pages of a Specific Page" and set the specific page to be "About Us".
  4. Click Ok to save the changes, then publish the change.

Now on any page under "About Us" (including the "About Us" page) the "About Us items will display in the side menu.

You can repeat this same process with any of your sections.

Setting a menu item that organizes your menu without displaying content

If you don't want a menu item that has other items below it to show it's own content, you can set it as a Redirect item in your Pages area. (For those that used our older IntelliSite software, this is how those menus functioned.)

For example, take the following common section of a site:

About Us
    Our Purpose
    Our History
    Our Staff

Ordinarily, this would be four pages that you can place content on. But if you want to have just three pages, where a user that clicks on "About Us"  goes directly to "Our Purpose", just make the "About Us" page a Redirect item:

  1. Go to Pages
  2. Select About Us
  3. In the Properties tab at the bottom, check the "Redirect Menu Item" check box.
  4. In the link box that displays, browse to the Our Purpose page and select it.
  5. Save your changes 




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