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Last Updated: 12/10/12

Image (Photo) Gallery

A Photo Gallery displays images as thumbnails (smaller images) in a row.  When clicked on, a larger view will display.

  1. In the Add Block dialog box, select Photo Gallery.
  2. Select the Gallery Source:  
    • Specify Images: the gallery will display the images you select.  Click the Add or Remove buttons to edit the list.  To change the order, select an image name and use the up and down arrow buttons provided.
    • Dynamic from Folder: the gallery will display all images in a specific folder in your Files area.  Click the Browse button to select the folder.
  3. Advanced settings:
    • Choose a theme: changes the look of the gallery.
    • Largest dimension of thumbnail: sets the maximum thumbnail width or height (in pixels). 
    • Largest dimension of full image: sets the maximum image width or height (in pixels) of the large image that displays when a thumbnail is clicked.
    • Crop Thumbnails to be Square: if checked, thumbnails will display as equally cropped squares. (For best display, we recommend using this option).
    • Crop Images to be Square: if checked, images that exceed the max image size will be cropped as square.
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