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Last Updated: 10/4/13

Media Center FAQ's

Where do I place the speaker, date, etc? There's no separate fields for these items?

We recommend placing the speaker name, date, and other relevant criteria you in the message description field. The first few lines will appear under each message. Consistent formatting will make it easy for a site visitor to quickly find what they're looking for. In addition, since the message description field is searchable, placing this information here allows a site visitor to use the search box to search by name, date, or any other criteria you enter.


We use MediaRush for our media. What's the best way to transition to the Media Center block?

To make transitioning easy and quick, we recommend populating the new Media Center block with just the last few weeks or months worth of messages from MediaRush. At the bottom of your media page, add a Rich Content block and link to your MediaRush page as an archive.

Since MediaRush and the Media Block are so different, we've not created an automated way to convert media resources from one to the other.


Do I have to use social media services like YouTube or Vimeo?

While we recommend taking advantage of social media services, you can still upload video or audio files to your website Files area and display them in the Media Center. However, here's why we think social media is a better option for churches:

  • they convert your video to the right file type and optimum quality vs. file-size for you.
  • they allow your media to be found outside of your church website.
  • they detect the type of device you're using (smartphone, tablet, desktop) and display a version of your video best suited to your device.

Can I display more than one video, audio, or notes file for each message?

The media center block was designed with simplicity in mind. For the most streamlined user experience, you can associate just one video, audio, or notes file per each media resource. If there are multiple items of a given type, such as notes, we suggest conglomerating them into a single PDF file.


Do I have to use unique images for all of my messages?

No. If messages aren't given a unique image, they will appear in a list on the series or message screen. 


How do I show just the most recent messages?

In the Media Center Block controls, expand Advanced Options and switch to Compact view. Compact view allows you to display between one and four of the most recent messages.


I have a single message that's not part of a series. Do I have to add a series to add this message to the Media Center?

The Media Center requires that each message be part of a certain grouping. If you have a single message outside of a given series, you will still need to create a new series to add this message to the media center. In this scenario, if a site visitor clicks on the series, the media page will load instead of the series page, since there's only one message in the series. If your church often has 'single' messages, you may want to consider switching to a grouping type other than series, such as grouping by speaker or month.


What's the best way to make my media available to people on a mobile device?

You can place the media center block on Elexio Website's Mobile page design and it will dynamically resize to fit the given width. As long as you're not using flash video files (.flv format), your video should play on iOS devices as well. For more, see mobile pages

If you have Elexio Mobile (Elexio's smart-phone app included with Elexio Database), you can select a given media library to appear within Elexio Mobile itself.


How do I order my series (groupings) and messages?

Simply drag and drop a series (grouping) or message to the order in which you'd like it to appear. The messages within the first series will automatically appear under Recent Media. 


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