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Last Updated: 7/16/13


A slide show is an image area that automatically cycles through different images. Each image can link to a unique location. Most Elexio websites feature one or more slide show areas on the home and subpages.

Quick Start

  1. Select or add a Slide Show block and open it in edit mode. The Slide Show Control bar will appear. (See Creating and Arranging Blocks).
  2. Under the Transition menu, select the slide show transition you would like to use. 
  3. Under Images, click Add to open your Files area. Select the image you'd like to insert and click Ok. (See Uploading Files).
    • If just one image is displayed, the slide show will not transition every given period of time, but just display that one image.
    • To Remove an image from a slide show, select that image in the Images list, and click the Remove button.
  4. To add a link to a slide show image, select that image in the Images list and click Browse (next to the link box) to open the Insert Link wizard. You may also paste the URL you would like to link to in the box provided. IMPORTANT: If pasting a URL, make sure to include "http://"
    • To open your link in a new window, check off the Open Link in a New Window checkbox.
  5. Click Ok to save your changes.

Important notes on sizing slide show images

  1. Usually, you will need to size your images before using them in a slide show.  The slide show will not stretch or shrink your images to fit the height or width of the slide show block. Instead, it will display them at their current pixel dimensions. It will be best to resize or crop your images to the desired pixel dimensions prior to uploading them to your Files area. (See Resizing Images).
  2. An image slide show block will fill the entire width of the page layout in which it is placed. For example, in a two column layout, the slide show block will fill the entire width of the column it is placed in.
  3. The pixel dimensions for a slide show area that is part of your custom design can be found in the following ways.
    • In the NOTE at the top of the slideshow control bar.
    • Download one of the original images found in the slide show block. Any photo editor will give you the pixel dimensions.

Slide Show Options

  1. Transition Between Images: Use the drop down to select a slide show transition.
  2. Duration: Sets the length of the selected transition (BlindX, FadeZoom, Cover, etc).
  3. Delay: Sets the amount of time each slide show image will display before transitioning to subsequent images.
  4. Display slides in random order: Checking this box will make the images appear in a random instead of in the order in which they are listed.

Slide Show Advanced Options

  1. Click on Show Advanced Options to open the Advanced Slide Show Options window.
  2. First Delay: Sets the amount of time the first slide show image should appear before transitioning to subsequent images.
  3. Show Titles and Show Controls: Checking these boxes will place Titles and Controls on your slide show. Note: Because each site design is unique, Titles and Controls may not display well on a given slide show. To have Elexio create a title/control display that matches your site design, please contact your website sales representative.
    • Any text you place in the Title text box will appear as the image title.
    • Even if your don't set your slide show to display titles, adding a title to images can help optimize your page for search engines. (See SEO Tips).

Page Specific Slide Shows

  1. Slide Show areas that are design blocks can be set to display specific images for individual or groups of pages. For more information, please see Editing Design Blocks.

Playing Video in a Slide Show area

  1. In most cases, playing a video on your site is best accomplished by using the video player block. (See Adding Video). However, your slide show area will support video in SWF format.
  2. To play a video in a slide show area, add your SWF video file to the Imageslist.
    • The SWF file must be self-contained. In other words, it cannot reference other files in order to play.
    • Like any other image, the SWF file must be the same pixel dimensions as the slide show area.
    • Video player controls will not appear unless they are part of the SWF file you upload.
    • A slide show area cannot display both images and a SWF file, it must be one or the other.
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